Anyone have an "ADD-E" 600 watt friction drive kit ?

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Anyone have an "ADD-E" 600 watt friction drive kit ?

Post by yumseyo » Apr 06 2016 7:51pm

Hi All,

Would anyone give their experiences with the new ADD-E 600 watt friction drive ebike kit with throttle? It is a friction kit and is very light. I am considering buying one, but was hoping someone could help me decide one way or other.

Here is a link to their website:

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Anyone have an "ADD-E" 600 watt friction drive kit ?

Post by amberwolf » Apr 07 2016 3:26am

Have you looked at the sale thread? ... 31&t=68451

BTW, I moved your thread to the Ebike general section out of reviews and testing since it is not a review or a test. Once you have one and are reviewing/testing it, you may post a thread there with that information, though. ;)

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Re: Anyone have an "ADD-E" 600 watt friction drive kit ?

Post by Avitt » Apr 07 2016 12:30pm

You've probably already found Court's review of the 250W version of the add-e:

I see two significant issues:
  • 1. The battery has very small capacity, with only 160Wh. (The fact that the controller electronics are built into the battery bottle does not help this). This would be bad enough with 250W, but I think that the 600W version would be barely usable.
    2. The price: $1251 for the 600W version. Add to that the likely need for a second battery, at $296, and this is a really expensive add-on.
I really like this add-e as well, particularly because of the retro look of the bottle. But I'm having a hard time justifying it over the similar go-e kit:

...although it's not yet shipping outside of the EU, it is roughly half the price of add-e. (I just wish they weren't using those generic Chinese "bottle" batteries, which I think are really ugly.)

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