Sunkist? is this a usable bike?

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DrInnovation   100 W

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Sunkist? is this a usable bike?

Post by DrInnovation » May 16 2016 10:03pm

Anyone have comments about this type of bike

Seems like a odd design.. (maybe some weird worm gear drive?
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dogman dan   100 GW

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Re: Sunkist? is this a usable bike?

Post by dogman dan » May 17 2016 6:47am

Love the frame. The battery tray is perfect. Bet that worm is nice and loud, or would be if it got going faster.

Price is of course way too high for just a usable frame. 50 bucks max. The battery and motor worth 0 dollars. Might go 20 bucks more though, if it has a 1 1/8 headset.

Lengthen it about a foot, nice cargo bike.

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Drunkskunk   100 GW

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Re: Sunkist? is this a usable bike?

Post by Drunkskunk » May 18 2016 2:21pm

mmm... I might offer them $100. $50 seems fair for a used ebike of an out dated design, but that frame looks like it might be very useful. I agree, motor and battery have no value for that.
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Re: Sunkist? is this a usable bike?

Post by LewTwo » May 18 2016 4:55pm

The rear of that frame looks like it is designed to take an incredible amount of abuse.
As far as the fork is concerned I would lay odds on a 1 inch quill (technically 22.2 mm).

Regards your question: Got to be useable for something else why would they have built it :P
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