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Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Service

Post by RageNR » Jul 04 2016 2:00am

Ok, this will be a bit long. Lots of info to cover, so please read.
I will attempt to answer all questions or concerns in this initial post. You are welcome to post info of your own or questions/concerns you might have.

In an attempt to keep this thread (and all info within) under control, I am spitting up the sections per post.
PLEASE GUYS, this will be a community effort. We need input, opinions, and suggestions.
You are welcome to post ideas, concerns, and questions.

Post #1: Section Guide
Post #2: FREE Cellular Service
Post #3: Security and Tracking
Post #4: Bike Computer
Post #5: Other Info and Current Offers

FREE Cellular Service will cover cellular providers that offer FREE services.
This is EXTREMELY useful if you would like to use a cheap Android or iPhone to provide Tracking and Security for your ride.
You can also use this to have an onboard bike computer, performance tracker, music streaming, or communication device so you do not have to carry around your premium/expensive phone.

Security and Tracking will cover using a cheap smartphone as security device.
This section will require time to build, and could become a bit wild. FAIR WARNING! :D
From an audible alarm, movement detection, remote photo/video capture, stolen notification, to tracking where your bike goes off to.

Bike Computer will cover the different uses for a smartphone on your bike.
You could dedicate a separate device solely for you bike alone. This way you do not have to worry with using your main device, draining battery, stolen phone, or undesired damage.
Bike computers can have all sorts of uses. A cheap Android phone affords a LOT of options.

Other Info and Current Offers will be a catch all for info that really does not fit in the other categories.
I will ATTEMPT to keep up with the current offers from FP and R+. No guarantee, but I will do my best.

If the mods can edit these posts as well, I have nothing against that. You are welcome to post, correct, and add additional info.
This is a community effort. I am not making this "MY THREAD". All discussion is welcome. Please just try to keep it civil and the bickering to a minimum.
CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is ok. But don't keep on and on. State your point, reason for said point, and possibly a better solution. No need to ram your idea down everyone else's throat.
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

Post by RageNR » Jul 04 2016 2:00am

Free Cellular Service
What this is NOT ------ This is NOT government subsidized cellular service paid for off the backs of hard working tax payers!
These are independently run companies that pay for for your usage through advertisement through 3rd parties.
Your do not have to share any personal information that you do not wish. Only info these companies have are your methods of payment (please read, I will explain), and the info associated with that payment.

There are 2 good companies that I personally use. Apparently there are others, but I do not know anything of them or use them.
As stated above, both of these companies are independently owned. Your usage is paid for through advertiser investment.
After the initial payment to activate your service, there will be ZERO monthly/yearly/decade-ly payments IF YOU FOLLOW AND STICK TO THE RULES.

FreedomPop (will be referred to as "FP" throughout explanation)
You may have heard of this company before. Lots of bad press, and duly warranted. They have had a rough start and track record.
I will explain why, and what to avoid. I've been using their service for over a year.
[2 services available in USA ----------------- Sprint w/LTE -or- T-moblie/AT&T w/HSPA+. Read on for specifics]

- FreedomPop has been known for wrongly charging customers varying amounts. The most popular was the $1 monthly fee from a few years back. Now days, it is rare. But as all systems have glitches, I have seen it pop up just a few times in the last year. Usually on accounts that were created when this was a policy. You will be relatively safe with a new account.
- Their Customer Service is poor at best. Although, I have been able to work with them on the few issues I have experienced. You can get your issue solved if you are firm and persistent. I honestly do not think they are all that bad.
- FP is a FREE cellular provider. Keep your expectations within reason.
- Their main service is DATA based. The free service does not offer true calling. Its VOIP based. If you have very poor data reception, the service for calls wont be great. (explained in detail below)
- They do offer paid services, and are pretty pushy with add-ons. After the initial sign up and break in period, you will hear little from them. Occasionally the weekly/monthly email about promotions.
- FP uses SPRINT network in the USA (more countries explained later). Sprint is about the worst network provider now days. Reception and quality are HIGHLY dependent on your location. Big cities are usually are congested and overrun. Smaller towns usually have much better results. It is variable.

So now that you have heard the Cons, let me tell you the benefits.

- FREE cellular service. Did I mention this yet? :mrgreen:
- Small cost up front for device purchase (optional) and activation. One time fee, FREE from then on (provided you follow the steps outline below).
- Up to 1GB of Data per month. Some steps required to get here. Not hard. Do it once and you are set from then onward.
- Great for a burner phone, security device, remote tracking, keyring finder, bike computer, audio streaming device, you name it. Your imagination is the limiting factor here.
- Offset your bill from your current cellular provider. Or you could go completely free (I do not recommend, but will explain) if you should choose. Up to you...

Still interested? Lets get some explanations out of the way. . .

Cellular reception:
- FP uses Sprint towers for service. It is a CDMA cellular connection. Reception CAN be spotty. Highly variable.
- FP now offers International Service to select countries. This is a GSM service and CAN be used in the USA (not sure about Canada). This service is different from the CDMA service. Please read the appropriate section for more info.
- FP's base Sprint service is a FREE 500mb (can upgrade to 1GB) monthly service with 200mins and 500txt. NOTE: This is DATA only. You use the FreedomPop Messaging app to send and receive calls via VOIP over your data connection. Calls using this app and your allotted 200min are NOT deducted from your DATA allowance. Same goes for txts. Its all done through the app and over a DATA connection.
- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE FREEDOMPOP APP!!! You get 500mb (or 1GB) monthly no matter how you use it. If you want to use GOOGLE HANGOUTS for calling, you can absolutely do that. Just keep in mind that you are using your DATA to make those calls vs getting your 200mins DATA free from using the app.

Sprint based CDMA service:
- For FP, there IS LTE availability on Sprint. You will have the ability to fall back to to 3G when LTE is weak or not available.
- As stated, this is a CDMA cellular service technology. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA (LTE is a GSM hybrid), and all the pre-paid and other companies that operate under them. T-mobile and AT&T use GSM.
- Because it is a Sprint CDMA service, you HAVE to have a Sprint device to use it. The exceptions are iPhones back to the 4s I believe, and Google Nexus devices (Nexus 5 and up). Otherwise you will have to find a used or older phone to use.
- Sprint has a FED policy. Financial Eligible Device. This policy was changed on Apr 17th, 2016. If you have a subsidized phone UNDER CONTRACT, you can not use it until it is paid off. Also, Pre-Paid Sprint devices (Boost, Virgin, Sprint Prepay) are not eligible to be used on a provider other than the one that it was sold under until it has been active for 1yr (exception being the devices that were activated before Apr 17th). This means that if you buy a brand new Boost Mobile phone in the box, you can not use it on any service besides Boost until it has been active for a year. Keep all of this in mind if you are going to buy a device. Smart move is to call Sprint and double check before purchasing.
- Sprint service is usually the worst in the USA up against Verizon, At&T, and T-mobile. Highly dependent on your location, population, and amount of local cellular traffic. Times of day also affect this.

GSM International Service:
- This is still sorta in beta, but has been for over a year now.
- The base FREE service gets you 200mb monthly (upgrade to 700mb). The mins and txts are hit and miss. One promo includes them, next promo is data only. Remember, still in "Beta".
- You can bring your own device, as long as it is not carrier locked. At&t and T-moblie devices usually are. You can pay a 3rd party to unlock them, or even sometimes your provider will unlock them if you are a current subscriber and up to date on your payments. There are LOTS and LOTS of GSM devices out there. Plenty of options.
- No LTE support yet. This is HSPA+ , which is actually highspeed 3G. Faux 4G if you will. T-mobile sold this as 4G for a long time till they actually implemented LTE.
- They are currently supporting 25+ countries. I do not know if you can get this to work in Canada yet (you'll have to read around). Have a look at their website to see if your country is supported.
- This GSM service WILL work in the USA. Again, it is HSPA+ 3G. The service is actually being routed through a provider in the UK (read issue below). In the USA, it will default to AT&T or T-mobile towers for reception. From my limited experience with this new service, it seems to favor T-mo more. You can manually change the provider in your smartphones settings.
- Because this is routed through a UK service provider, it causes issues with Google. Hangouts thinks you are in the UK and refuses to make calls without paying for international mins. You can make calls by dialing 001 or +1 before the number. Incoming calls are hit and miss. You still get the free data, so you can use other apps if you like.

Now that you understand the services and limitations, let's discuss how to set it up.

Service Setup:

1) Go to FreedomPop.com to sign up a new account. You can use a burner email if you like.
- You can buy a device from them, or bring your own. There is a device eligibility checker to confirm your device is compatible.
- You can use an iPhone, Android, or even a mobile hotspot device. Remember, it has to be Sprint compatible if you are using the CDMA service.
- The International GSM beta comes in waves. If there is a current promotion open, I will try to post here and let everyone know.

2) During the signup process, they will ask for EMAIL, ADDRESS, ZIP CODE
- You do not have to use your real address YET. Just put something random (real address) that is somewhere close. This step is just used to confirm that your area has available service.
- After you do this, I think you need to confirm it in your email. Then you can check with the FP website to see if your device is compatible.
- If you are using the Sprint service on a LTE capable phone, you will need a Sprint sim. You will have to search around for options to obtain one.
- If you are going to be using the GSM beta service, the SIM comes with the activation.

3) Once you are ready to sign up, you will have to pay the activation fee.
- For the Sprint service, the current average payment is something like $20. Again, one time fee. And I believe this now stays as a credit on your account for overages. Promos run all the time, so prices can change.
- For the GSM beta service, you will have to wait for a signup/promo to run. When it does, whatever price the promo is running for includes the SIM and the Activation fee all in one. Just make sure you follow the signup process to a T so you don't goof up and get charged for something else.
- You will need a credit/debit card to make the payment. Sometimes a pre-paid or virtual credit card will work. FP tired to kill this off a while ago. I get mixed results with my rebate pre-paid cards.
- If using your personal credit or debit card, keep in mind that this is linked to your FP account now. If you accidentally go over your allotments, they have authorization to charge your card. If you can not get a pre-paid card to work during the signup process, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND changing your payment info to a pre-paid or other card that cannot be charged after fully setting up the account.

4) Once you pay, you need to setup the account. ---> FOLLOW THESE STEPS CLOSELY TO KEEP FROM BEING CHARGED MONTHLY <---
- Once you sign up, you will most likely be on a "Trial Plan" or "Trial Service". You need to downgrade these, else they result in a reoccurring monthly charge!
- If you are signing up off Promo, you can decline all these offers during the signup process. Usually in tiny letters towards the bottom of each page along the way. READ each page during the signup process and you will be just fine. PAY ATTENTION!!!
- To downgrade the "Trail Plan" :
Log into your account --> My Account (top of page) --> Plans (dropdown menu) --> "Trial Plan" Details and Plan Managemnet (tiny words, link under plan name) --> "To downgrade . . ., click here" (link at bottom of page, tiny words) --> I believe there are 2x popups that try to convince you to stay. Ignore them and click "Confirm" on each.
- To downgrade the "Trial Service":
Log into your account --> My Account (top of page) --> Services (dropdown menu) --> "Trial Service" View Details (tiny words, link under plan name) --> "To deactivate . . ., click here" (link at bottom of page, tiny words) --> I believe there are 2x popups that try to convince you to stay. Ignore them and click "Confirm" on each.
- After doing each of these steps above, go back into each section (Plans and Services) to confirm that it shows you are now downgraded.
- Now days, the accounts are setup to default to AUTOMATIC TOP-UP. This will pull $15 from your method of payment on file if you run over your monthly allotment. You can turn this feature off, but you have to pay $5 to do so... (-_-')
- If you change your payment info to something else like a pre-paid card [ Log into account --> Billing (top) --> Billing Settings (dropdown) --> "EDIT" ] , they will deactivate your service if they can not charge your card. If you do not pay within 2 months I think, they close the account. You didn't want to pay anyhow, so what does it matter?

5) Upgrading your account for more DATA
- This is done by adding "Freedom Friends". Gets you an additional 500mb per month. So for Sprint 500mb plan, you get 1GB. For the GSM 200mb plan, you now get 700mb
- Log into your account --> Earn Free (top) --> Freedom Friends (dropdown) --> "Invite By Email Address" (in blue words, bottom of page)
- Go here: http://slickdeals.net/f/5276432-freedompop-friends
- Copy and paste that list into the box that opened when you clicked on the "Invite By Email Address" . Make sure to leave off the comma on the last email entry, or you will get an error.
- If you get an error, look at what you copied and try again. Sometimes manual intervention/correction is required.
- All you have to do now is wait for other FP users to log into their account and confirm the request. You get 10mb per FF, so you only need 50 to get 500mb. You'll have that many before you know it.
- You only have to do this one time It is reoccurring every month. Once your friends are added, they stay.

After following all those steps, you are clear to GO. Just make sure you stay under your DATA, MINS, and TXT allotments and you will not have any trouble. :mrgreen:
Quite a bit to read there, but well worth the time investment. I did this OVER A YEAR AGO, and have not had to touch it since. Tell me that is not worth it? And I use these devices daily.

RingPlus+ (will be referred to as R+ throughout)
This is the newcomer. They have been around since 2013-ish. FP started in the beginning of 2012. R+ has been slow to grow, but is decently sizable today.
R+ is a more "full featured" cellular provider. They offer a range of paid services as well as FREE services. The FREE services did not start until later on. They began as a simple MNVO (pre-paid carrier).

To be blunt, R+ is all over the place. They intended to get as much business from FP customers as possible by promising the world. It was going ok at first, but then the real world set in.
Compared to FP NOW, R+ is wayyyy more confusing. But at the same time more simple. What??? (i'll explain).

- R+ was founded back in 2006. They were a cellular research and services development firm.
- They began with developing ringback technology. Where you hear something other than a simple ringtone when YOU call out. Carriers would use their tech and offer ringback tone services as a subscription to its customers. The most popular implementation was playing your favorite song to callers when they dialed your number.
- Apparently they filed a few patents for this technology.
- In 2012, they joined with Sprint as a MNVO to offer cellular services.
- Their plan was to use the tech they had made to offset consumer plan costs.
- In 2013, they opened a very limited FREE service to NewYork and Los Angeles. Was a mere 100-200mins, 50txt, and 10mb of data.
- Since then, they have had a MOUNTAIN of plans and promos. (this is key to understand, more on this later)

How R+ works
- R+ is 100% CDMA. They only use Sprint for service, but they do offer roaming to select locations. Nothing for Canada yet fellas. Sorry.
- They use the ringback tech for when you make a call out.
- Basically, every time you make a call out, you hear an advertisemnet instead of a dial ringtone.
- Advertisers pay to be on the ringback tones, and that offsets the cost of your service.
- They call it R+ Radio. There are different channels you can choose from that will play as your phoneline's ringback tones. There is News, Music, Gossip, you name it. Thing is, you get to choose.
- When you make a call out, the call is routed to the R+ servers first (to insert the advert), then the call is routed back out to the destination. There can be a slight delay at times.
- You are getting actual cellular coverage for calls. NO VOIP like on FP. But there can be issues. There might be a slight delay in the audio (like on VOIP calls), calls can randomly disconnect, calls will sometimes refuse to go through, and calls to you can be missed. This is not super common, but does happen. I'd say it happens to me about 5-10% of the time, using nearly 1000mins/month.
- There are HEAPS of plans. R+ is like the teenybopper getting ready to go to freshman class for the morning. She just can't seem to decide which pair of socks to wear.
- Promos are plenty, and you can get A LOT for your investment. Prices are all over, and promos come and go. These have slowed down after the Spring FED policy change mentioned in the FP info.
- So R+ offers REAL Calling, REAL texting, REAL MMS, and Data packages. No app required like on FP.

Now that you understand how R+ operates, lets get into the setup.

How to setup service
- As mentioned above, they run LOTS of promos. Usually the FREE plans are run on special promos. This used to be weekly, but is roughly monthly now. They like to run promos on holidays.
- They are much like FP in the regards to using Sprint CDMA devices. As long as the device is eligible to be activated on another service (NOT under current contract, or a pre-paid device that has not been active for 1yr on the service is was sold under), it should be able to be activated on R+. They are much more lax on allowed devices than FP is.
- Get you a qualifying device in hand, and ready to go when the next promo pops up. They have a device eligibility checker on their site: https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new
- You will also need a Sprint SIM card for your device. That you can buy from R+ or source on your own. Have this on hand BEFORE attempting to sign up. The ICCID # of the SIM card is required during signup.
- Once you have a device ready to go, be prepared for the next promo. THEY DO HAVE FREE PLANS THAT STAY AVAILABLE WHEN OFF PROMO, but these are not as good a value.
- Prices can vary quite a bit. Current prices fluctuate between $15-35. Depends on the promo, and amount of Mins/Txt/Data the promo is good for. What ever you pay to activate your plan, stays on your account as a credit towards overages. So if you paid $20, $20 stays on your account in case you go over say, your mins.
- Plans are always advertised in the format [Minutes / Texts / Data]. So when a promo pops up, they will advertise it as something like 2000/2000/1500.
- Current FREE plan promos have been in the neighborhood of 1000/1000/1000 all the way up to 3500/3500/3500. Yes, that is not a joke. Nearly 4GB of data for a one time $35 activation fee.
- When the promo is active, there will be a time window for how long it will be open. Sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days. All depends.
- You will need a credit/debit/pre-paid card to sign up. Enter all your info, card details, phone ESN #, SIM card ICCID #, Email, and new password.
- Once it all goes through, they will present you with an activation page with all the steps needed to setup your device. Just follow along.
- That's pretty much it. You should be good to go. Log into your account and you will see the Dashboard. It will display your device, and what allotments you have for services (mins/txt/data). Pretty easy to read and interpret. CLICK on your phone w/phone# on the banner across the top (the picture graph thingy) to open the specifics for your line. You can have more than one phone on you account, so you need to open each one to change settings for that specific line.
- You can go into all the different settings and turn things on and off. My older plans did not include MMS (picture txt), so I turn that feature off in the "Manage Device" category.
- Other option categories you may want to look at: Manage Device, RingPlus Radio, Manage Apps
- In order to be notified of new voicemails, you DO have to download their R+ Notifications app. It will notify you of a new voicemail since R+ handles them a bit differently.
- Or there is an option to have them text you when a new voicemail arrives. Your choice.
- Another useful app is their RP Samara app. It is basically a mobile version of your account Dashboard to use on your device. You can also change features with it too.

So after setting up R+ and the plan you choose, you are pretty much good to go. No gotchas to watch out for like with FP. Just keep your usage within you plan limits and you will be just fine.
The highest current active FREE plan is the "Lawrence" plan. You get 1000mins/1000txt/1000mb/1000mms, and it costs $27 to sign up. Not bad, but the promos will offer better plans for near the same price. I'd wait if you can.

All that said, between the two services, I use my R+ phone the most. Having REAL phone calling is the big selling point for me. I have multiple devices on each, and have for over a year on FP, and almost a year on R+.
This has allowed me a lot of freedom. I can leave my Verizon phone at home and just use my R+ Moto E. Works perfectly fine for my usage. A few hiccups here and there, but I try to overlook them because I am receiving a FREE SERVICE. How can you argue with that?
Dependable? Eh, sorta. Enough for me to be ok with leaving my VZW phone at home. If you are wanting a service that will allow anyone to contact you at any time, if for an emergency or other important situation, I would consider it cautiously. That call is up to you.
To get calls to multiple devices, just setup a GOOGLE VOICE account. You will get ONE number that you give out to everyone. Then link all your device phone#'s with your GV account, and when someone calls it forwards the call to all numbers/devices attached. Simple and effective. Keep your primary REAL cell# private.
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

Post by RageNR » Jul 04 2016 2:01am

Security and Tracking
This section is meant to discuss the possibilities, merits, and benefits to using a smartphone (w/FREE cellular service) as a security device for your bike.
So many options, ideas, and implementations. Smartphones are now palm sized supercomputers. And they can be had for dirt cheap.

I'll start off by giving some "food for thought". Maybe this will get those brain juices flowing. Add input and thoughts when you have a hairy-brained idea.

Possibilities and Ideas
- Use a cheap smartphone as a tracking device. Many apps (free and paid) can offer these features. You have choices.
- Remove the mainboard from the phone body. Hide it under the seat, under/inside the controller, in a bag, in/on your battery, or even inside the frame. These boards are tiny, and come in many different shapes and sizes. No one could possibly know what every smartphone board on the planet looks like. Chances are, they will have no idea what it is, or what it is doing.
- You have a lot of parts to play with: Camera (maybe 2), speakers, microphone(s), vibration motor, compass, gyro sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, acceleration sensor, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular reception, NFC, screen, battery, and maybe a few others I am forgetting.
- Think of all the things that can be done with those various parts.
- Track your bike with GPS, Cellular, WiFi, or even a bluetooth leash.
- See if it is moving (accelerometer/gyro), how fast and which direction.
- Use the proximity sensor to see if someone is too close. Light senor in your battery bag to see if someone opens it up.
- Use the screen on your dashboard/cockpit, Make an enclosure for it.
- Text the phone for location. Make it reply with a picture/video
- Call the bike. Have the speakers play something demonic, or a nice message for your guest rider... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
- Record audio, take pictures, capture video as proof to the authorities that your bike was stolen, and by whom.
- Wire something up to the vibration motors. I'll let you guys figure this one out.. ;)
- Use your imagination and get creative. Sooooooooooooo many possibilities.

- Use the phone sensors and speaker in combination to make an audible alarm if the bike moves too much.
- Have the bike on a bluetooth leash. If you get too far away, it will alert you right away.
- Set up a safe zone. The bike will notify you if it leaves your fenced area.
- Remote mount the camera elsewhere on the bike. Make extensions from the connector on the mainboard to where ever you decide to mount it. You can be really creative here.
- Take pictures, capture video, and record audio if the bike is moved or taken. You will have proof to give the authorities in the event that your ride is stolen. Let's face it, most officials will just scoff at a lost bike. They have no idea the value of these rides, and not to mention all the time and effort put into build them.

- This will be category that will expand over time. Lots of apps capable of providing these functions. User experience and reviews are requested.
- Many sensors and data connection possibilities can aid in tracking. Make your own software, or find a good app. Post your experiences.

That's a start. I hope to build this section over time as users post their experiences, experiments, and ideas.
Many apps already exist out there, that can provide most of the desired functions. Give them a try and lets us know how it goes.

Got a wild idea, or something you cooked up? POST IT! oh and.... Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

Post by RageNR » Jul 04 2016 2:01am

Bike Computer
So many things you can do with simple and cheap smartphones now days.

Useful for:
Bike computer. This can be used in several different ways. In conjunction with a FREE cellular service, this is GOLD
- Speedometer
- Navigation
- Offroad and offline maps for trails far from data/cellular connection
- Trip/Mileage counter
- Progress tracker. I like to see if I have improved with every new ride.
- Communication device. Call or text without having to use your main device. Leave that nice and shiny in your pocket or backpack, and save battery while you are at it.
- Music player, or internet radio steaming. BE CAREFUL with the streaming. Easy and fast way to go over the montly allotments on you FREE cell plan.
- Record video of your trip.
- Use it to call YOUR phone if you happen to lose it. Don't ask why I know this is useful...
- And many others I am sure. I'll add more as you guys suggest them.

Here I will continually add good tested apps that are useful. Post your suggestions and apps you like.
- BikeComputer [one I am currently using] (speedometer, top speed, avg speed, distance, altitude, elevation gain, riding time, mapped ride path, records and data management)
- Urban Biker (no experience with this one yet)
- Move! Bike Computer (no experience with this one yet)
- DigitalHUD (simple speedometer display. Black background, BIG DIGITS, speedometer, trip meter, max/avg speed, compass) I've used it. It works ok. Mileage counter was not super accurate for me.
- More to come....
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

Post by RageNR » Jul 04 2016 2:02am


The global GSM sim has been on promo for $1 and $5 several times in the last few months. Current price is $10: http://www.freedompop.com/offer/soldoutvoice

Not a very good phone, but super cheap. $45 total ($25 phone, $20 signup). Personally, I'd wait for a better promo. This is mostly just showcase for what promo offers are like: https://www.freedompop.com/offer/USPHS_email_WB2

Not current promos. Just normal everyday plans. (don't bother with the "Member+" plans. Not worth paying for M+ to get these)

Michelson (FREE): 250 Minutes, 250 Texts, 250 MB, 250 MMS ---- $9
Anderson (FREE): 500 Minutes, 500 Texts, 500 MB, 500 MMS ----- $18
Lawrence (FREE): 1000 Minutes, 1000 Texts, 1000 MB, 1000 MMS --- $27
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

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I was on the hunt for the the question about Canada, since I am from Canada and I am interested in this service.

https://forums.freedompop.com/discussio ... -countries
@abc You do bring a good point, however the Global SIM card is actually run through the UK Service known as "Three". They're a carrier and they have roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US which is why it's possible to roam here. However in Canada, Three's partnerships include Rogers and Bell which are a bit more expensive to provide roaming rates to versus something like Wind. If Wind was a partner, I am sure FreedomPop would already be including Canada!

I am editing this after RageNR replied below.
You are correct. I just called FreedomPop customer service and they confirmed to me that their service will not work in Canada, despite the FreedomPops forum post. I dont want to mess up this thread, but since you asked and there are lots of Canadians on E.S. - the only options I have found are with 7-eleven Speakout which has a website and of course their convenience stores. Nice feature is $25 for 365 days and $0.15/text they rent off of Rogers. Petro-Canada (online and in their gas stations) is $25 for 4 months at $0.10/text and they rent off of Rogers. These are the best deals I have found for us Canadians EH!

If using strictly as security, then there wont be lots of text messages, just when the security device is tripped will it send a text. So I will lock my bike up securely close by, but away from other bikes as to not get false alarm text messages all the time, which would eat up the $25.
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

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markz wrote:I was on the hunt for the the question about Canada, since I am from Canada and I am interested in this service.
Yes, unfortunately the FP global SIM will not work in Canada. I though that T-mobile might have a partner/roaming agreement with one of the carriers up there. Sadly not... :cry:
As of now, FP and R+ do not offer any services for Canada, yet. FP has been expanding pretty rapidly in the last 2yrs, and R+ caught on real quick. Just give it some time.
There could possibly be other services available for you guys? I do not know, I'd have to dig around a bit.
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

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Updated. Lots added
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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

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Great Thread. Thanks for all the research.

Do you know of any that are on T-Mobile network in USA?

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Re: Ebike Security/Computer/Tracking and FREE Cellular Servi

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drewjet wrote:Great Thread. Thanks for all the research.

Do you know of any that are on T-Mobile network in USA?
Read through the FreedomPop section. They offer 2 services now. Using the International Global SIM kit in the USA will connect you to T-mobile and AT&T towers.
Albeit, it is HSPA+ only. No LTE yet. Still, plenty fast for most use case scenarios.
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