assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

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assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by Noobster » Feb 04 2009 4:40am

Every one has seen the carver. This is termed as a delta trike or more technically a 1f1t for 1 front(wheel) 1 tilting(wheel). Image
It come gas, hybrid or all electric blah blah blah. It's considered assisted tilting because there is a pendulum controlled sensor that controls a servo to tilt it.
This This next one is the Piaggio MP3 and this bike is a natural tilter because you have to counter steer to start the lean. There is no automatic tilting, it rides just like a normal motorcycle.
This next one is a tilting tadpole motorcycle. It's just a full size model so it's not said whether it's assisted or natural tilting.
I'm wanting to build an all electric highway legal assisted leaning tadpole trike like the one just above. Only with a two person seating position like the carver. But first I want to build an human/electric assisted tilting velomobile. Image
The question is, is this worth my time?
Oh and here is my current ebike. Image

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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by kazbluesky » Feb 04 2009 8:34am

Definitely do it. I've only just got into ebiking (with a kit) and I'm hooked. It's such a fascinating subject and I think it's wide open. The sad thing is you just know that if you do come up with something good the idea will get borrowed from you and there is next to nothing you'll be able to do about it. I for one would love to see what you come up with.

I almost bought one of those Piaggio's in black, the new model looks well cool, in the end I decided to save my money until I have emigrated to NZ and maybe splash out then.

When I finally settle down and get myself a big garage I'll be hot on your heels trying to put together something like you are talking about, get started :D
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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by John in CR » Feb 04 2009 12:26pm


Yes, definitely go for it. Once I get my 2 wheel long range hill climber out of the way, I definitely want to experiment with leaning trikes myself. I'll stick with delta configs for more simplicity, but not like a Carver, I want all tires to lean.

BTW, next time you drop in, please post your thoughts regarding the handling of your current bike with all that lead placed so low in the thread here about battery placement.


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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by tartosuc » Feb 04 2009 1:37pm


I'm also working on a tilting trike concept, i've been studying all the desingn that exist at the moment and trying to figure out my own desing.
mine will be a a chopper tilting trike....
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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by DasDouble » Feb 22 2019 6:56am

Any updates on it?
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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by donn » Feb 22 2019 9:33am

With the born-again electric Carver in pre-order at €7.990, the tilter contingent is probably thinking they could get what they want cheaper than they could make it.

I haven't thought real hard about it, but off the top of my head, the point of tilting is to redistribute the mass, not the tire patch. As long as the body tilts, it's no use to tilt the wheels, and the extra parallelogram gimmickry to make that happen on all three wheels is just more things to go wrong.

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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by Voltron » Feb 22 2019 2:45pm

Yes, it seems like the main point of the tilting would be to make the g forces on the driver less side to side in the turns.

And for the Piaggio crowd...
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Re: assisted tilting tadpole velomobile

Post by donn » Feb 22 2019 3:16pm

It's a serious issue at highway speeds. In my state at least, if you get a 3-wheeler - 2 in back, 2 in front, sidecar, whatever - you need a special 3-wheel endorsement on top of the regular motorcycle endorsement, mainly I guess because they have some special issues going around corners. But the MP3 doesn't need one. It has 3 wheels but it's licensed as a regular motorcycle because it rides just like one. That's the point of tilting, as I see it anyway: the ability to make a corner like a motorcycle, and not like the motor-tricycle which is so much easier to tip over. And as far as I can make out, that's about the angle of the center of mass to the tire patches, and the angle of the wheels is best left at 90° to the pavement.

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