Need advice on battery pack build

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Need advice on battery pack build

Post by Beavinator » Jan 14 2017 12:02pm

Hello everyone I have decided to come back to the e-bike world after getting continually harassed by police on my gas powered bike. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the chinese lipo cells that they advertise on sites like Alibaba etc. My idea was to buy some lipo pouch cells that are 25ah and assemble them in series to get a pack around 120V 25Ah. Has anyone done something similar? Its either that or get a lot of the 18650 cells and a spot welder. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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Re: Need advice on battery pack build

Post by wesnewell » Jan 14 2017 3:45pm

I bought 6 6s packs off aliexpress about 6 years ago and didn't have a problem with them, but these days, I buy all my rc lipo from USA warehouse when I catch what I want on sale. Usually Turnigy brand, but also Mulitistar.
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Re: Need advice on battery pack build

Post by Sunder » Jan 14 2017 5:04pm

Some people don't like Hobbyking, but I've spent a LOT with them - initially from their international warehouse, but lately from their Australian warehouse, and no problem so far. My latest build was a 150v (36S), 16Ah pack built out of the Multistar range of batteries. That was less than $500USD, including shipping. The pack works like a dream - Minimal sag even at 11C:


Then again, for many of these Chinese based vendors, their products are mostly good, but they have an unstated "no support, no refunds, no admitting mistakes" policy. So most people have good experiences with them, but goods are absolutely one way. My understanding is that HK used to be like that, but has been very good lately. I guess enough Paypal disputes ruled against you, and you start realising it's cheaper to send out another free pack than to spend the time trying to pretend you aren't wrong.

Hope a few others learn that lesson, no mentioning names.
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After 5 builds, the best advice I can give, is start with high quality products. I prefer

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Re: Need advice on battery pack build

Post by dogman dan » Jan 15 2017 9:04am

My experience with Hobby King has been great. A few weak cells years ago. Since then many packs bought with no bad cells whatsoever.

Spring is a good time to buy,, I like to buy packs that are not so deeply discounted,, fresh stuff that they are not trying to get rid of. Not stuff they put on sale because the got stuck with too many last summer.

Once it's out of stock,, then you see new stock,, it won't be stale.

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Re: Need advice on battery pack build

Post by LewTwo » Jan 15 2017 9:28am

Beavinator wrote: Has anyone done something similar?
DIY Battery Building
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Re: Need advice on battery pack build

Post by rguy56 » Jan 21 2017 12:45am

I just ordered enough multistar batteries to refresh 4 bikes and a stand-up mobility device, for the price of one battery from most places... Hobbyking.

I've never had a problem with them.


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