New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

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New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by Hardergamer » Jan 23 2017 7:01am

This is my first e-bike build, but i have been building motorcycles cars boats RC homes ect all my life, I am an marine engineer and motorcycles mechanic by trade.
WARNING: for any spelling grammar mistakes... as i'm dyslexic but i really do try. :oops: So i may find it a little hard to explain understand things sum times.

I am going to build a Stealth Bomber type bike, and hopping to spend £1000 max with out batteries. And hopping to buy as much as i can from the UK/EU, but if it pays to buy out side i will look into it, and i no sum things i will have too.

I'm not worrying to much on stuff like seats forks ect right now, as i can buy all this later on ebay amazon cheap, later as i find what i need and fits me best.

I'm thinking of this frame ... uct_id=209 Any others like this about?

This Motor ... vt?lang=en If there are any that are better around the same price or cheaper please let me know.. I am thinking of 72-88 volts, t3-t4, 3k 6k+ ?

I can't make my mind up on the controller yet until i'm fixed on motor&wind, voltage wheel size ect, and advice from here :)

The battery will most likely be 20-24s 10-20p, 18650's and will get the best i can afford, like PF's, LG MG1 2.9mah, maybe split the battery in 2-3, and with out a BMS,i will build my own packs, with split balance charging. and maybe a built in charger in the frame to?

Usage: Trials bike riding, slow and fast, lots of very steep hills (1st gear in a car) I live in UK Devon :mrgreen: And road use 15-30 mph, but if possible i would like to top out at 45+ mph quick blast.

I'm 39, about 200lb and need to build my legs back up after a bad bike crash that snapped a leg in half last year, so my legs are still weak :cry:

So please join in and offer any help you can, if you can think of changing thing, saving me money or just wanna join the ride please sub! as i be keeping this discussion going with nice pictures with updates as i build this best!! :)

Thanks all, Aaron.

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Re: New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by brumbrum » Feb 13 2017 11:41pm

Hiya Aaron, i know you are busy sourcing parts at the moment. Get some photos up of your motor and frame and other parts as they arrive. I am particularly interested in your battery building skills. :D

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Re: New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by eflyersteve » Feb 14 2017 8:31am

I'll be following this closely. I'm using the same frame, bought when they were on sale some time back. I too am on a budget but the goal of finishing it for essentially a little over $1000 USD is probing a little elusive. I'm probably sitting at close to, if not slightly over $1000 and still need to source the rear wheel/hub motor and controller. I don't want to curb your enthusiasm though and have my hopes up that you can come in at your budget. Just because I haven't been able to doesn't mean you won't.

If you have the fork and front wheel from a donor, that can save you a few bucks. If you have a source for used bicycle parts ( that might be a way to save some $$. Where I am from, bicycling isn't widely adopted so there isn't a large pool of used parts available within a reasonable drive. Most of my parts have come from ebay or amazon, but be aware that those aren't always the least expensive sources. Current'y I am working on sourcing the rear wheel/hub from China via alibaba. I'm within days of pulling the trigger on something though. I'm finding that $410-$420 shipped for a 1500 watt setup seems to be the lowest price that I have found. Of course there is always here, in the marketplace that you mighty find some deal. I know I look several times a day.

My best advise I can give is to not be in a rush. Take your time researching and reading and ask questions. The last thing you want to do is to spend a lot of money on a wrong purchase (this is why it's taking me so long to source the motor/wheel) and have to re-purchase.

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Re: New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by Hardergamer » Feb 14 2017 9:34pm

Hay a little update, Well the build has been on hold, as iv been under the Werther with Shingles :x It started with the flue, then hit me as that was ending, it really get nastier as you get older! (time to move to a warmer country...please..) but i'm up and about now.

Well in the end i went for a white Vector frame, with extra wide 170mm side panels(will run 2x18650 in series size wide pack) The frame is in the post! cant wait to hold her all night! :mrgreen:
But.. i do have my hub motor! its a MXUS 3k 4T TURBO with a 17" rim, thanks Brumbrum! :D the motor i wanted for my budget!

Next; in the end i ordered 300 Samsung 29e's cells from cyklonebike arek_arecki .. for now i'm going for a 20s 15p pack,them Samsung 29e worked out the best i could get for the money i had, but i will add more latter. (620 cells max on the Vector lol) I have been looking/reading for the best pack layout and method, loads of ways but i just copy what looks the best and i know works.. so its time to borrow a spot welder (or build one) :idea: any thoughts on a wire fuse? or not on the cells?? lots do lots don't.. Cant wait to start on my first pack! lol.

I am getting an 18fet controller from looks just the job to me... :twisted:

Thanks brumbrum i will have sum photos up real soon mate :oops: when sum part arrive to snap at lol.
Hi eflyersteve and thanks for popping by.. you are right iv way under estimated.. i'm at £1k now without battery's (pounds not dollars) and i still need a front end, and most of the small bits still, so about £4-500 more! :cry: good luck! and keep updating so we can work on are builds at the same time! :wink:

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Re: New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by Artur » Feb 24 2017 2:08pm

Glad to see you opened this built topic! :)

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Re: New Build Stealth Bomber Style { Vector MXUS buid log }

Post by liamcaff » Apr 29 2017 9:06am

How's this build coming along?

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