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fat tire ebike's

Posted: Feb 12 2017 7:46pm
by slacker
Hi all went to minneapolis rv show today and came across a vendor selling ebike's Tha website is Look's nice and am wondering what this group think's about these. Looking forward to your thought's. Thank's and have a good day. p.s. i thought they looked pretty good for a turnkey e-bike but as alway's JMO.

Re: fat tire ebike's

Posted: Feb 12 2017 11:35pm
by WoodlandHills
Looks sketchy to me.... The Mountain Extreme is described as having "full suspension" when it's a hardtail with a cheap fork. It looks like he has one size hubmotor for all the bikes and a not too big one either. I can't see how a tiny hub will work for any sort of mountain, far less an "extreme" one. Maybe it works in Minnesota in the summer, but I sure would not expect it be of much use in the snow.

What kind of seller does not tell you the size of the motor, the voltage or the ah of the battery? How the hell do they expect you to make an informed decision without information........?

Re: fat tire ebike's

Posted: Feb 13 2017 8:04am
by slacker
woodlandhills, thanks i dug a little deeper and found out it use's a 500 watt geared hub motor and samsung 10 amp hour batts. might go and test drive one as they are located not far from where i live. thank's for your input and will report back if i test drive one.