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PAS and Throttle togheter?

Posted: Mar 09 2017 5:38pm
by Debunker
Hello, I'm a Spanish wannabe DIY who just ordered a cyclone 3000w kit to make something out of it.

I'm very excited about the e-bike world, this is gonna be my firts attempt and either I succeed and become the coolest kid in the street, or fail and burn my house.

Saddly, in Spain the regulations are shit:
-250w max
-pedal assited
-automatic shut off at + 25km/h

I'm planing to upgrade to a cycle analyst, but for now, I must make it ''almost legal'' whit the tools that can be ordered whit the kit, they are a PAS sensor and a 3position power switch, so the big idea is settle the e-bike to gay-mode in the city (PAS and the lower power mode) and switch to full power for off-road fun.

Today I've got the pieces and a unpleasant +80€ from DHL for the sake of their balls, the batteries (52v 24ha) are gonna come later.

The throttle whit a cheap key hole provides a on/off plug to the controller, the 3 mode switch (just low to high power) don't have any on/off switch, and the PAS sensor don't have one eigther... If I connect all 3 things, the throttle, the PAS sensor, and the 3 mode...
That makes a PAS asisted bike as long as I don't turn on the switch on the throttle?
Does the throttle overide the PAS?
Does the PAS overide the throttle?
Does the two work independently of each other?

Thank you! I'm gonna upload photos when the e-bike it's finished.

Re: PAS and Throttle togheter?

Posted: Mar 09 2017 6:59pm
by MadRhino
I don't know about the Cyclone kit, but normally the throttle does override the PAS signal. Then, about the 3 spd switch, if you build high power and plan the 1st speed to be legal, the PAS can be dangerous in higher speed. A PAS signal is very unpredictable at high power.