Good scientific study about velomobile culture

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Good scientific study about velomobile culture

Post by Eskimo » Apr 30 2017 2:34am
Because the concept of the velomobile is actually very straightforward, it should be
enough to point out that a velomobile is not an automobile, nor a bicycle, but a category
of its own that logically fits in with the other three concepts.
In essence, today’s bicycling advocacy is directed to reverse the evolinear assumption;
discourse is mostly centred on road infrastructure and attitude change, while
technological development for the bicycle is rarely seen as an opportunity. It is here that
the velomobile as a ‘bicycle for transportation’ suffers. Therefore, it is necessary for
cycling advocacy — and in further consequence transportation planners — to be prepared
to take up the velomobile as a separate vehicle category and strive for its development.
When the velomobile comes out of the shadow of the bicycle, the velomobile concept
serves the goals of bicycle advocacy by aiding in the deconstruction of the evolinear
frame. In this way, the bicycle and velomobile combined make a strong argument for
cycling as valid modes of transportation compared to the motorised alternatives, making
their way as a synergetic, yet separate transportation proposition that appeal on a wider
range of expectations.
More cycling use because of the velomobile will also make the bicycle more attractive as
a mode of transportation, because cycling as transport as a whole will get more attention.
Here the bicycle benefits from the velomobile in a practical sense too. Developments for
velomobile technology can also serve bicycles, just as bicycle technology is now used in
velomobiles. More cycling road infrastructure, possibly of a higher standard because of
awareness caused by the velomobile, will consequently also benefit bicycle use.
Velomobile valuation

For the adoption of the velomobile to be possible, one needs to become aware of the
prejudiced perspectives from the established user cultures. The first part is to identify that
a velomobile should not be evaluated as if it were a special bicycle or automobile, but as
a separate vehicle category, that needs separate attention (i.e. the framework of reference
of the new matrix)
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