One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

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One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by kingjamez » May 22 2017 8:27pm

As I continue to enjoy using my EEB bike as my main commuter, it's clear that I need a bit of storage beyond my backpack. I need to be able to bring some groceries home after work, or a place to put guns and ammo on my way to the range.

Something like the moto-mule would be perfect. Moto-mule's website is currently down, but it's designed for dual sport motorcycles. It requires a hollow axle to mount to the bike. This is the moto-mule:

I'm handy with a welder, but am struggling a bit with how to well attach it to the bike and still allow agility.

Anybody have some good examples or good ideas for a "nice", "quality" trailer for the enduro-style ebikes?


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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by tiny_n_terrible » May 22 2017 9:42pm

I do not think any one makes a bicycle trailer that heavy duty.

Just throw the deer carcass in the trailer after a grueling day of motorcross hunting?

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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by amberwolf » May 23 2017 2:03am

That style of trailer is commonly called a BOB trailer (for the well-known manufacturer of them), so you could:
--use the trailer you pictured but with the BOB hardware
--get an actual BOB trailer
--make your own trailer using the BOB hardware
--design something different, using one of the various ways people have done before. There's a number of trailer threads on ES, some of which are in this list: ... mit=Search
(note that not all results in the list are relevant)

If you need the heavy-duty large capacity of the pictured trailer, the simplest way is to find or make hardware to use the existing trailer on your bike.

I haven't seen that trailer myself, but I would expect that if it requires a hollow axle, then it has a pin that goes thru the trailer's mounts and the axle, locking the trailer to the bike but letting it pivot up and down on the axle.

Without a hollow axle, you could use a plate bolted to the dropouts/rear axle, and then use a bolt thru the plate and the trailer mount on each side to secure the trailer to the bike, but still let it pivot up and down.

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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by Cephalotus » May 23 2017 4:41am

Look at:

Tout Terrain Mule

Aevon STD 100

(Oxtail EX1)

At least the first two shoudl work well with any motors/bikes and they offer good suspension for heavy trail use.

Tout Terrain offers the similar designed "singletrailer" that is able to be used on trails. If the design is good enough for a one year old child it should be easily good enough for luggage.

I have the Mule since a few days. Can't say much about it, but the manufacturing and finsh is excellent. You get what you pay for.

A trailer that attaches to the rear axle is not ideal for full suspension bikes.

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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by MadRhino » May 23 2017 8:58am

The Yak Bobtrailer is popular here. If you can weld it should be easy to make a copy.

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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by d8veh » May 23 2017 12:21pm

The single wheeled ones were sort of invented by Bob Yak, so if you search for him, you'll find them for around $400. Alternatively, if you search on Ebay and Aliexpress, you can find perfectly adequate Chinese knock-offs from about $60. Here's one on UK Ebay: ... Sw8lpZJCsm

They're designed to hook onto special axle adaptors. If you have a rear motor, you have to make a couple of small plates to attach the adapters behind the axle - basically a 2" strip of steel with a 14mm hole for your axle and a 10mm hole to attach the adaptor.

These trailers are really good, you don't even notice they're then when riding with one. I also have a 2-wheeled trailer, but you can feel that behind you. it's nowhere near as good.

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Re: One-Wheel trailer for EEB/Vector/Stealth type bikes?

Post by Warren » May 23 2017 1:04pm

Let's say he re-invented it. Nothing is new in bicycles.

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