Dumb accessory wiring question

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Dumb accessory wiring question

Post by kiltedcelt » Jan 11 2018 7:32pm

Right now I have a front and rear light both running off of my Cycle Analyst using the power supply connector that comes off the CA. I bought Grin's Y-splitter and got an extra one of those barrel connectors and wired that to the taillight (which originally was just two bare wires). So, head/tail lights are taken care of, even if the Y-splitter is kind of bulky/janky looking. I do tuck all the excess wires coming out of the CA into a velcro elastic sleeve which generally tidies things up but still, I'd prefer a cleaner solution. My custom battery case for my 52v em3ev triangle battery has a panel that I want to install some USB outlets onto, potentially using the two outlet USB setup that Grin sells as well. The other thing is I want to wire in this 48v Humvee horn that I got off of ebay, but can't figure out exactly where I should wire it in. I'm guessing maybe a better idea than using more Grin Y-splitters would be to wire in a connector that comes off of my main battery supply. Grin sells an Anderson power tap which looks like it'd do perfectly, but the only problem is that my battery is using XT90 connectors, so I'd need to make my own XT90 tap. If I wired up my own XT90 tap I could simply hook up a Grin Y-splitter to that and use that to connect to both the Grin dual USB as well as my horn, and the wiring could all be contained inside the battery box which would keep everything fairly neat. Alternatively, I'm wondering if a DC/DC converter would be a cheaper way to get power to a horn and USB outlets, rather than using the rather pricey Grin USB, although it does have a voltage regulator built in to step whatever the input power is down to something the outlets can handle. Thoughts?

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Re: Dumb accessory wiring question

Post by bionx 1954 » Jan 11 2018 8:02pm

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The easy way would be to tap into your battery, and use a dc-dc step down converter. A 60 volt should handle your battery voltage. There are many dc-dc converters on ebay. some are 60V to 12V, or 60 v to 5 v that have usb's in the converter,
60 volt to 5 v with usb included
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