WANTED: One battery dongle

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WANTED: One battery dongle

Post by LockH » Jan 12 2018 11:48pm

Recently, on ES we have seen the Badass e-Bike Speed Tuning Dongle:
https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewt ... =3&t=92232

... at the same time reports re Swappable eBike Batteries? Why The Industry Won’t Make Them For Everyone:

Situation is, I'm currently living in a large burg... pop. 6+ million folks... and a growing pop. of folks watt have "seen the light" in transportation terms, and are now riding on mostly store-bought electric bikes.

Anybuddy know how many styles/sizes/etc of battery plugs are "out there"? Apparently manufacturers "like" their own plugs.

Butt. Watt about a multi-plug dongle-thingee watt plugs ONE "standard" ebike "battery plug style" into multiple bikes?

Lets assume some "short-range" Ah capacity of "standard battery size"... say as "full" and "new" with a range before recharging of say 40 miles? (Thinking "normal"/"average" ranges here...)

Thing is, the local public transit system (sp?) still runs a system of N-S/E-W electric subways - with "stations" for access-egress - PLUS electric streetcars. Watt ALL SUFFER from that "Last Mile"-thingee... Yah gotta share an empty seat... if any seats are still empty... well, basically LOTS of "down sides" versus the bettery-electric bike. :mrgreen:

... so wouldn't it be nice just to pull into any subway location and "recharge" fully just by swapping battery packs in one minute?

Edit: And BTW... Manufacturers fluctuate between "36 volts" and "48 volts" commonly... so far... so any battery dongle would need to "act accordingly" versus any "standard" battery offered by pubic transit...

Thoughts please?
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