Left hand motorcycle reservoir?

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Left hand motorcycle reservoir?

Post by rg12 » Jan 13 2018 1:06pm

Hey Guys,

I need help with my project of converting motorcycle brakes for my ebike.
I already chose calipers, discs, hoses and will 3d print and sent to cnc the caliper and disc adapters.
The problem is the brake levers as I need a right hand and a left hand but in motorcycles the left is the clutch so I'm having a problem finding the same model lever with reservoir for the left hand side.
I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Color-Clutch ... fresh=true

Do you think it will work?
Does the left hand side for the clutch work different than the one intended for the brake?

Also, the set in the link looks great except I'm looking for shorter levers and I didn't find that in such a set, only on a single right hand reservoirs.

Would appreciate some help here :)
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Re: Left hand motorcycle reservoir?

Post by MadRhino » Jan 13 2018 4:10pm

Use Magura Gustav brake levers, or Hope M6. Those older big bicycle brakes have enough reservoir capacity and piston volume for average motorcycle brakes.

You could also use a hydro clutch lever for the brake of course. The link you posted is OK.
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