Dutch Cyclists’ Federation wants 30 km in all built-up areas

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Dutch Cyclists’ Federation wants 30 km in all built-up areas

Post by LockH » Jan 26 2018 12:29am

Let’s all go for 30!:

The Dutch Cyclists’ Federation, Fietsersbond, want a general speed limit of 30 km in all built-up areas in the Netherlands. Saskia Kluit, Director of the Fietsersbond, explains: “As a result of increasing traffic volumes, the safety and riding pleasure of cyclists is under pressure. It is time for the next step: 30 is the new 50.”

Although the 30 km/h limit is already implemented in many places, 50 km/h is still the standard. If cars do not go faster than 30 km/h, then they can safely share the road with other road users. And even if it would come to a collasion, at 30 km the other road users stand a far better chance than at 50. at 30, the chances of a serious accident are 3.5 times less than at 50 km/h.
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