Blue wire on 5 wire LED throttle?

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Blue wire on 5 wire LED throttle?

Post by ebike11 » Jan 29 2018 1:55am

Hi guys
I got this throttle without any instructions. Its a 5 wire led throttle.
3 wires are for the throttle itself. I touched the single yellow wire to positive which
shows the led voltage display. But where would the blue wire connect to?
Its for the key/lock.

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Re: Blue wire on 5 wire LED throttle?

Post by dogman dan » Jan 30 2018 8:44am

Its likely getting hot into the key on the pack voltage led display wire. Then the key switch goes back to the pack voltage "ignition" wire on the controller, if it has one. most but not all do.

Hook up that yellow wire, turn the key, and see what voltage you get back out of the key switch with a voltmeter.

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