Bellcycle w/electric kit from Analog Motion

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Bellcycle w/electric kit from Analog Motion

Post by LockH » Feb 01 2018 6:47am

Hehe... ESB "Search found 1 match: Bellcycle"... in October last year: ... 0#p1324040

... where they were saying "... tinkerers can also swap in a wheel with an electric motor..."

Seems now they have "fleshed stuff out" and are offering a DIY conversion kit add-on ("includes a rear wheel, battery, sensors and everything you need to electrify the Bellcycle.")... from company Analog Motion:


... and threw it up on kickstarter...: ... of-bicycle
CA$ 7,700 pledged of CA$ 6,152 goal
28 backers
28 days to go

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