Help with the shunt modification.

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Help with the shunt modification.

Post by ebike11 » Feb 16 2018 12:55am

Hi guys
How do you guys determine how high "Amp" wise you can go when doing the shunt mod?
I have this controller for my MXUS V3 motor. It quite fast already but the max. is set at 50A. ... 0.0.68qbju
Is there a maximum limit based on the stock Amp value? In my case, could I safely go up to 60A or 65A for example?

My second question is:
If there are 2 controllers,
Controller A is rated at 72V 1500w 15fet and 45A
Controller B is rated at 72-96V 3000w 24fet and 80A (but is almost double the cost from the same seller)
Couldn't I just shunt mod Controller A to increase the Amps to 60A or more?


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