Import into Australia?

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SpeedHunter   1 mW

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Import into Australia?

Post by SpeedHunter » Feb 17 2018 2:05am

Does anyone know if its possible to import an e-bike into Australia if its above the 250w limit?

EbikeAus   100 W

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Re: Import into Australia?

Post by EbikeAus » Feb 17 2018 6:18am

I can't imagine why not.
I can't see it being a restricted item for any reason. Normal issues with the battery if it's lithium you may not be able to air freight it
Choose LiFe 8)

May all your batteries be fully charged and perfectly balanced :P

markz   100 GW

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Re: Import into Australia?

Post by markz » Feb 18 2018 8:26pm

its allowed because you are allowed to ride anything you want on private land.

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