Bafang Ultra Tips and Tricks

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Bafang Ultra Tips and Tricks

Post by DaninSpain » Feb 28 2018 8:59am

Hi folks.

I just bought a bike incorporating the Bafang Ultra mid drive motor directly from China. I couldn't find a User Guide for the functions of the display, settings etc, so I thought that I would start a thread so owners can share features that are not so obvious. I'll start with a couple of things I discovered recently:
1. Press the + button for a couple of seconds to toggle between Eco and Sport mode. Worth trying as there is quite a difference between the 2 modes.
2. If you press the - button for a couple of seconds the bike goes into 'walk mode'. Be careful as it kicks in immediately.
3. To enter settings, press the info button twice.
If anyone knows of any other non-obvious settings, please add to the thread. You never know, we may end up with a manual :)
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