conversion kit for road bike

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conversion kit for road bike

Post by Timber2 » Apr 11 2018 12:32pm

Hi I have an old trek road bike that I would like to convert to an e bike. I am a fit 90kg rider but I am recovering from treatment and need some help to keep up with my mates up the hills. I am looking for something with minimal drag on the flats. Just assistance up the steep stuff..Road bike is a 10 year old trek 10 speed cassette. Bottom bracket 68mm width. 35mm diameter. Ideally like torque sensor to give it a more realistic feel. Any suggestions?

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Re: conversion kit for road bike

Post by markz » Apr 11 2018 2:01pm

Low power pedal assist or throttle only both will suit your needs.
BMS Battery has some small low power geared motors that will suit your needs.
The shipping will be another big chunk of cash also.

Bafang 48V500W CST Rear Driving Hub Motor is on sale for $199usd
Put it on 36V 8-10Ah
36V10Ah Lithium Ion Electric Bicycle... is $160usd

S-KU125 36V 48V for LED810 700W30A.. for $35usd

A couple thumb throttles for $4 under "Parts"

S-LCD3 LCD Meter for S-Series Controlers - Display if you'd like $30

Charger - $25

Torque Arms $15 - ... results=87

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Re: conversion kit for road bike

Post by ScooterMan101 » Apr 12 2018 2:02am

10 year old Road Bikes usually have a 130 mm drop out spacing, and
rear hub motors have 135mm drop out spacing.

The newer Disc Road Frames ae 135mm , so now is your excuse to get a new Disc Road Bike. ( You can find last years model on sale all over the internet if you do not want to spend much ).

Don't know about the Befang 48v/500 watt motor and a 10 speed cassette,
I did put a 10 speed cassette on my little Q100c CST motor.
And that will get up to around 20 mph on the flats. no wind.
I even run a 52 volt battery pack with it, 48 volt controller, 201 slow wind version of the Q100c CST . BMS Battery
My first conversion ... ... 1#p1077497

It's 2018 already, lets get some real , improved e-bike / e-velomobile / e-motorcycle designs .

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Re: conversion kit for road bike

Post by John and Cecil » Apr 12 2018 8:49am

You can look at the tsdz2 mid drive motor too (and also bafang bbs02). The tdsz2 has a torque sensor that works fairly well. I ride with my 25lb dog (and 10lb dog carrier) and I got it for help up the hills too (they are brutal!!!!). I normally ride on eco mode and it only gives me about 25% assist, but when we get to a hill I use the throttle to get full power assist. The motor is fairly light and when it is off it seems to pedal without any added resistance. It is pretty easy to install too, however if you want to run multiple chainrings that could be difficult to setup and the chainline might not be too good on the outer ring.

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