What about Stand & Ride Trikes - Mototec or Triad ?

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What about Stand & Ride Trikes - Mototec or Triad ?

Post by michiganmike » Apr 16 2018 12:08pm

I was recently at Disney Orlando for 5 very long walking days.
I was surround by many, many 3 and 4 wheel electric scooter type things, usually bright red. Most were rented at the park or nearby.

On the last day, I was passed by someone standing on what appeared to be a Mototec Electric Stand and Ride Trike.
It looked like an excellent option for my particular situation, so I did some research.
Disney Resorts calls these type of things. Electric Conveyance Vehicles.
They must have 3 or 4 wheels for stability, which excludes a 2 wheel Segway, Ninebot or any hoverboards.
The maximum "footprint" is 36 inches wide x 52 inches long.
The Mototec Trike is 32 inches wide x 44 inches long.
I have focused on the Mototec MT-TRK-800 with the 800 watt 48 volt motor., 16 inch front and 12 inch rear tires.
https://urbanscooters.com/products/moto ... tric-trike
They are priced between $600-700.
Does anyone have any opinions on the Mototec Stand and Ride Trikes

http://triadmotion.com/triad-750-electr ... ter-price/ Triad Electric Vehicles has what looks like customized versions of the Mototec. priced around $2000, with front suspension and a Knobby Tire.
and I quote " Triad Electric Vehicles is the only company to offer a “CERTIFIED” 750 watt motor for this class of vehicle"
The question is, what does it really mean for a motor to be Certified. ? It wonder if it means that each Motor has actually been run and tested from the assembly line, as opposed to 1 out of 10 ?

By the way, Frank at urbanscooters.com says Hi ! :D
Mike In Battle Creek, Michigan.

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Re: What about Stand & Ride Trikes - Mototec or Triad ?

Post by amberwolf » Apr 16 2018 5:24pm

Almost certainly, the only thing it means is that they have put a label on it that says Certified. ;)

Theres an article on http://ebikes.ca in the Info section about motor power ratings, with more detailed info, but basically a motor can be nameplated with any rating you care to put on it, that it will survive, either continuously or burst or both.

However, its possible that in many places these scooters dont qualify as road- or sidewalk- legal as they may not match any of hte various definitions of legal vehicles.

Youd have to look up your local laws about such things to see if you can actually use them on non-private land / streets / sidewalks where you live.

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Re: What about Stand & Ride Trikes - Mototec or Triad ?

Post by markz » Apr 16 2018 8:15pm

Its a "Mobility" scooter, go to Staples and print out a sticker and your golden!
The same as a the old people use that have a hard time walking. I even saw a folding trike while I was charging up at Safeway last summer. No one is gunna mess with a person who has Mobility issues, no judge, no pig, no one. Just walk with a limp or something to play it up to the crowd.

edit - I also saw a quadriplegic at the library a decade or so ago, he had a trike, with arm pedals and he had it motorized. To a commoner it looked like a bike, could see the chain, had bike wheels. The "lifer" Commisionaires security (legal security guard with more rights then all others) didnt bother him. I believe them commissionaires are jail guards in BC, and one step below peace officer in BC as well. They tend to be security guards for government departments, city hall, library etc.

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