BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

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BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

Post by Alex Imreh » Apr 17 2018 1:08am

This post is for bike builders that would like to cooperate, sharing parts with top design by Hagop Torossian. I have this belief: soon when the e-bike market will become mainstream, smaller bike builders will have to cooperate in order to be competitive against big business and the chinese. BHT has produced great prototypes (CNC & carbon) that are currently tested in races. See this video, best geometry and suspension, like glue: ...
CNC and hand made carbon frames / parts are obviously pricey, a few bike builders ordering each more than a dozen swing arms, could share this top design, total order could allow paying for the molds, to have low cost per unit with ALU casting production. Main body, the battery compartment could be done by tube welding, different models, but here again power middrive engines could be shared, 3-12kw Cyclone style, LMX style. Anyone interested in this?
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Re: BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

Post by Rube » Apr 17 2018 4:22am

Alex, I share your beliefs and agree cooperation between niche builders could reduce fixed costs and offer scope for innovative ebikes, as opposed to motorcycles like the Suron.

The difficulty will be to agree on design scope and functionality. I'd suggest a 0 to 3kw design (continous) and 3kw+ design.

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Re: BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

Post by eCue » Apr 19 2018 8:53pm

The video link is unrelated , I should mention its nice looking rear link , its nice looking :)
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Re: BHT Swing Arm & Power Middrive

Post by made_in_the_alps_legacy » Apr 20 2018 3:56am

what's the point ? It seems to me exactly the opposite way :
once an isolated DIY EV maker comes to a good idea, then it's being copied for mass production without any consideration to its original work. (endless examples around here)

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