Need opinions on custom build project

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Need opinions on custom build project

Post by DRMousseau » May 05 2018 4:52am

After a year or so of various design and detail considerations, I'm about to begin a custom build and am now in need some input regarding some remaining questionable details.

Strictly a street cruiser, the large heavy frame will be of a simple open design in a themed classic "chopper" style with very similar lines and details as this,...
modified Vigilante.jpg
modified Vigilante.jpg (185.24 KiB) Viewed 202 times
Some specifics,... my 26" version (that above appears to be a 20" design) will have seating and carrying capacity for two, adult rider AND adult passenger, and driven with a simple rear DD hub of Leaf's 2000w 48V ( ... -1086.html) with a designed speed of 20-28mph and a max no greater than 30-35mph. A custom 13s9p of Panasonic GA's will be used to supply up to 50A of continuous power.

You may have noted that the Leaf motor above is laced into a 20"x3" double wall rim,... I would prefer a 4" rim. You might also note that Leaf's accompanying illustrations show a single cross lace of 36 short 72mm spokes. Due to load requirements and design profile, I will utilize a 160/80x16" heavy motorcycle tire on the rear that WILL mount to such rim and provide a 6.5" overall width with an overall diameter of my desired 26". The 3" rim width would limit my tire size to a 130/90x16 with a dia of 25-25.5".

NOW,.... given my desires for durable trouble free quality and integrity, I question the lacing as illustrated by Leaf a bit. The large hub and small dia rim makes for a very acute angle in a single cross lace. Many who supply these use a straight lace which is totally outa the question in my application. AND, I've strongly considered a double-drilled modification such as this,...
double drilled.jpg
double drilled.jpg (95.28 KiB) Viewed 202 times
While these appear to be 26" wheels, I think that a 20" version would allow my preferred single cross lacing with a greatly relieved spoke angle and the added integrity of a heavy duty assembly, while the lacing pattern shown here would be a viable second choice.

Sooooo,.... I'd like some input and opinion, specifically on the lacing, single cross or the modified version shown above, spoke count, double drilling, suggested ga., even motor selection, etc. Construction begins this month, centered around the rear assembly desired and to be ordered in jus a week or two. This will be an ongoing discussion as various details arise during this project.

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