[USUAL BIKES] DecathlonFR/ES open critic

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[USUAL BIKES] DecathlonFR/ES open critic

Post by mutenroy7 » May 13 2018 10:17am

Hi ES, I write this post because I firmly believe this "event" deserves to be denounced.
Corp(corporative, Gmbh , SL ,SAT,LLC ,Inc's and so on) have that reputation of
soul-less ,robotic , unaware/uninterested on customer real needs , and so on.
Decathlon was a good enterprise for me. Is a high present brand/enterprise on Spain,
besides is a french JIT-driven-market model focused on sports (bigstores).
Also young people found it somewhat "friendly". Kindly supports 20-ager with a job and they had
a non-written rule to hire (6 months) any person on university attendant/young worker for a
decent salary. You can easily find an ex-mate of your school on it. No blames 'til this point.
Things turned ugly a year back, when they started hiring doble-digit IQ (maybe less) both male
and female workers
Also started a "fat people chasing", mordacious cr*p you'd find on kids school. Too many bashing,
like "Decathlon , oh that's fatso's store", and completly toke bikes, clothes , socks (XXXL and up) out
so youre unable to buy those items Today
I find that discriminatory.

And problem IS, as of May 1th (this year), they don't maintain or repair any bike out
of their bike catalogue any longer. Which I think it also includes basic T-shirt clothing printing service.
They gave A5-paper/vinyl with the communicate out , with chump , meaningless CORP reason given
They called sec guard before give communicate , so they were covered for
anything that would/could happen.
The worst, a good professional whom I know from that (embedded) workshop was fired.
That's so an injustice , I found him the most competent worker around there.
I carried my bikes and left them at Decathlon embedded workshop often,
brake adjustment, directions(normal bikes) and got them ready-to-go same afternoon
What a dirty move from a company, I still cannot believe it.

So this is a reminder , stay vigilant. Corp will always look for themselves, if they need you,
they'll use you, then flush. Things with that corporations will be the obvious thing everytime.
Myself, I'll attend traditional bike workshops and spend a few dollars/euro more on
handwork costs.

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