142x12mm Rear Direct Drive Hub Motor options?

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142x12mm Rear Direct Drive Hub Motor options?

Post by michielk » May 15 2018 7:18am


Long, optional, introduction
Build my first E-bike for city use a few months ago and love it so much! Now I want to build an full-suspension off-road e-mountain bike to have some fun.

As I already build one bike, I thought I was an expert and this was easy stuff. So in my enthusiasm I looked for a good deal on a full suspension freeride bike and bought a 2016 Lapierre Froggy 26 yesterday (http://www.lapierre-bikes.co.uk/gamme/2 ... /froggy-26 ). When I went to have a look at the bike, I noticed the mountinf of the rear wheel was different. I looked it up and it has 142x12mm through axle mount, which seemed to be the standard for this type of bike since 2010. So I figured I would find a motor that works with this, also it was a 4-hour round trip and didn't want to come home without the bike.

When I came home, I immediatly started surfing the web and quickly found three options
GO Swiss Drive (https://www.go-swissdrive.com/)
- so far only found complete kits with a lousy 550wh battery
- really, really expensive
- only 500W / 50Nm Torque / 27mph

Bafang H800 (http://www.bike-eu.com/sales-trends/nie ... s-10131126)
- could not find it for sale anywhere
- only 350 or 500W / 55Nm Torque
- seems to have it's own, slightly different, mounting system

GRIN (http://www.ebikes.ca/product-info/all-a ... motor.html)
- seems to be a beta product (for some time now)
- not sure on performance of this motor
- read somewhere this is a front-wheel motor

- Are there any motor options, similar in performance to Crystalyte H4065 or Crown T65, compatible with this type of mount?
- Has anybody redesigned the rear fork to accept a standard motor like the H4065? Any links/pictures/info on this? Or who could do this for me?

I have contacted several local "custom" bike builders, but they only build frames in specific dimensions, not custom parts.
I have contacted Lapierre to get a CAD drawing, but I'm not expecting this.

thanks, kind regards, Michiel.

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Re: 142x12mm Rear Direct Drive Hub Motor options?

Post by michielk » May 15 2018 11:02am


I'm not finding much information on suitable hub motors. I had crossed out using a mid motor as I read in a different thread that this did not fit on these bikes, but I may have been too fast on that conclusion.

Since this is a very different question, I will open a new thread to confirm if this would fit.

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Re: 142x12mm Rear Direct Drive Hub Motor options?

Post by MadRhino » May 15 2018 9:46pm

Building with a BB drive, would leave the rear as is. Simpler to build, but power limited. Still, it has the advantage to retain the bicycle feel and handling.

Building with a hub motor, you need to make steel torque plates to hold the motor. The through axle mounts that are on the bike, are leaving you only with poor options. Many different ways to do, more or less complicated. This is according to the power that you plan to feed, from simple torque arms, to bolt-on pinch type or through axle dropouts. Many examples can be found on ES, since we are many building powerful bikes.

Ex. Attached pic: bolt-on through axle type torque plates.
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