Carlos33 wheel build, special 200kg. max. heavy load

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Carlos33 wheel build, special 200kg. max. heavy load

Post by Carlos33 » May 15 2018 1:42pm

I built a wheel for special 200kg. max. heavy load purpose and would like to share my experience, technical details.

- RIM: Ryde Andra 40 622x25C, 36 angle drilles spoke holes preventing spoke/nipple fatigue, non eyelet version
RIM TAPE: Schwalbe HP 25-622 blue
- SPOKES: Sapim Strong 13G/14G - 2,3/2,0mm
- NIPPLES: Sapim Polyax brass 14mm
- ADHESIVE FOR NIPPLE - Marston Domsel MSS.541.241 ... -retention
- SPOKE HEAD WASHERS: DT Swiss Ø2,5mm with 0,35mm thickness (Sapim thickness was 0,5mm and spoke orientation was bad)
- HUB: Dapu M155 CH
- INNER TUBE: Schwalbe SV19 27.5/28/29x2.0-2.4
- TIRE - Schwalbe Marathon Plus 47-622 - 28x1.75 flatless, puncture protected ... -plus.html

Spoke pattern is 2X carefully builted, tensioned and squeezed many times by hand to remove stress.
After built we installed in the bike and tried. Torque is optimal, flexibility of the spoke is also optimal under 180kg person.
Speed can go up to 45km/h without any problem. The person use the bike 32km distance daily with a speed between 30-45km/h.
I am so happy to finished a successfull project.
Electric 180kg.jpg
Preparing the parts
Electric 180kg.jpg (212.77 KiB) Viewed 211 times
DT Swiss spoke head washer
Schwalbe HP rim tape
Sapim Strong 13G/14G spokes
DT Swiss spoke head washer
Complete wheel
Complete wheel II

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Re: It's now Spring 2018.. Why haven't e-bikes gotten cheaper?

Post by Chalo » May 15 2018 3:36pm

Spoke nipple exit angle looks OK, though cross-2 lacing is excessive and unnecessary. Cross-1 would be more reliable.

13-14ga (2.3/2.0mm) spokes are a pretty good choice, but 14-15ga (2.0/1.8mm) can carry more weight before spokes go slack. In that case, something like 2.5mm stainless washers would be a good idea to prevent pull-through.
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