help with information about parts

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help with information about parts

Post by dav » May 19 2018 6:12pm


I have this bike, Author Horizon

I would like to convert it into ebike, with this motor 48V 1000W ... dpSrc=srch

All I need ebike for is to travel 2km from my home to work, all the road is up hill, elevation is about 40m.


Can 3 of these batteries 14.8V 4S 1500mAh 70C be used for power ... id=1433363

if not can these 3 batteries be used for this motor 36V 500w ... rear+motor

Or 4 of these batteries 12V 2.2Ah ... autifyAB=0

edit: I read on amazon reviews that seller recommends 48V battery that is above 15Ah, I don not understand why 2Ah battery would not work


What size fork would I need for this bike ?
What is the exact name for brakes on this bike ?


What is better front or rear motor ?


Which motor and battery to travel 2km would you suggest to buy within eu ?
What are the best discount free or low shipping online bike shops within eu ?

ps. my bike was crashed, has different fork that is from some old mb with completely different unknown brake type which would not fit wheel size, I dont use front brakes

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Re: help with information about parts

Post by motomech » May 19 2018 8:41pm

I'll just comment on the batteries you linked. Niether is appropriate for ebikes. They are of two different chemistries, the LiPoly being only for experts and both being too little in capacity to be of any reasonable use.
Most experienced riders here recommend complete battery packs from a reliable vendor like Em3ev or possibly BMS Battery.
Don't try and skimp on the batteries, as it will just cost you more oin thelong run.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think you might want to do some studying and reading up before you jump into this w/ both feet.
As far as the motor kits you linked, I don't have anything against Direct Drive motors, but the motors themselves seema kind of large(phyisicaly)for the bike you have, especially on the frt.

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'07 GT Idive 4 4.0, Q100C 201 14S LiPoly elifebike 9-FET 20A controller. 23 MPH.

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Re: help with information about parts

Post by dav » May 20 2018 4:45pm

Thank y for answer

I need ebike only for 2km up hill, I dont need it for anything else

I do not understand why 4x 11.1V 1.8Ah 3S 45C battery cannot be used to travel 2km ... id=1433363

44.4V x 1.8Ah = 80W
45C can output 81A or more than 30A limited by ebike controller

And I can charge it with 12V with balance charger

Can you elaborate what exactly will not work so I can understand

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