Electric bike insurance legislation proposal from EC

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Electric bike insurance legislation proposal from EC

Post by marksuttonbike » May 24 2018 10:32am

Just to make users here aware, this proposal has just surfaced and at present it appears only to be a proposal, but a serious one as far as the EC are concerned. Third-party insurance for e-bike users would be stunt uptake sharply at a time when the e-bike world is booming. Is veto-able at member state level in any case:
https ://cyclingindustry. news/european-commission-proposes-legislation-to-outlaw-electric-bike-use-on-europes-roads/

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Re: Electric bike insurance legislation proposal from EC

Post by mark5 » May 24 2018 4:00pm

https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:ZeCKXwlCfwgJ:https://www.bikebiz.com/news/bikes-need-3rd-part-insurance-in-eu+ wrote: E-bikes declared illegal to use on European roads without insurance
European Commission rules e-bike riders need motor-vehicle insurance
Carlton Reid
May 24, 2018

The European Commission has today decided that e-bike riders without motor vehicles third-party liability insurance are riding illegally. The decision – yet to be placed into law – would affect those riding pedal-assist e-bikes, often known as pedelecs i.e. the standard e-bike sold in Europe. However, individual EU states can, if they so choose, exempt e-bikes from the decision.

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Re: Electric bike insurance legislation proposal from EC

Post by Chalo » May 24 2018 4:35pm

250W makes a bike a motor vehicle that needs liability insurance?

The first assertion is arguable, but the second is laughable. The EC must choose-- either hold e-bikes to motor vehicle standards but allow them motor vehicle level performance, OR restrict them until they're less potent than a fit cyclist but exempt them from MV requirements. To do both is obviously nonsensical and probably pandering to vested interests.
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