Mechanical brakes

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Mechanical brakes

Post by andy1956 » Jun 20 2018 4:26pm

Opinions please,I have always had the 26inch rim version but on my recent bike i went for mechanical disk brakes and have wiped out a set of pads in 360 miles.I got 2000 miles ot of the 26 inch rim brakes before the pads needed changing and the rim brakes seemed to be more efficient at stopping me.
With the rim brakes you have a 26 inch disc brake that seems to work and wear better, opinions please?

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by wturber » Jun 20 2018 5:03pm

Seems awfully low to me. I think i'm getting about 2000+ miles on mine and I'm having to ride them going down some hills and I have stop signs and stop lights in my city commute. I'm unhappy with the noise they make, but the pads are wearing OK.
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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by lionman » Jun 20 2018 8:56pm

Get better brake pads?

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by flat tire » Jun 20 2018 11:15pm

Best to replace the entire brake system. Mechanical discs insult the rider every time you use them.

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by miro13car » Jun 21 2018 8:08am

so it is bicycle or ebike?
I presume you talk about ebike?
Ever heard about regen braking?
on my ebikes friction braking are mostly for emergency.
I use regen brakes like 90% of the time - my pads on disc brakes last and last like 8000 kilometers and counting..

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by dogman dan » Jun 21 2018 8:21am

Cheap pads will wear out fast, I stopped having such fast wear out when I went to the bb7 mechanical brake, which allows me to buy legit pads for it. Previous knock off china calipers used odd pads that I could not get a quality pad for. Only the china cheap, which wore out quick every time.

One thing I did find though, any serious mud riding would really wear out the pads, having all that grit on the disc.

You also have to avoid overheating them, if you ride hard enough, you melt off the cheap pads even faster. This can be a good argument for regen brake you can use all you want.

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by 81forest » Jun 21 2018 1:37pm

Not sure if anyone has used TRP hy/rd calipers, but I’ve had them for years and they’re amazing. It’s a hydraulic caliper with the m/c located in the caliper itself, so it’s actually cable operated. World of difference over even BB7s, which are still better than canti or v-brakes in my opinion. ... mrf-size=m

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Re: Mechanical brakes

Post by ddk » Jun 22 2018 4:11pm

I'm pretty sure all our opinions are gonna be based on where we live.

In Lincoln, NE usa (flat, good-great biking infrastructure) any bicycle brake gave good service and long life.

But now I live along the coast (not flat, poor-good biking infrastructure) where after quickly destroying disk, band and rim brakes my favorite combination brake is a linear-pull rim brake with a regen motor.
I would hazard a guess that any mechanical brake would work well with a regen or otherwise motor brake.
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