KINGO from Click & Bike N.V. (Belgium)

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KINGO from Click & Bike N.V. (Belgium)

Post by LockH » Jun 21 2018 9:39am

Watt... ESB "Search found 0 matches: Kingo"? Huh. While staggering around the WWW, noticed:

EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018: Registration is open: ... ation-open

The registration for the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018 that will take place in Belgian Limburg on September 26th – 28th is open! You can now register here.

Do not miss the leading cycle tourism conference in Europe, a unique occasion to share knowledge, highlight good practices and encourage further development of the EuroVelo network and cycle tourism generally across Europe. It will be an interesting and exciting event for bike and tourism professionals alike!

The conference will take place in Hasselt (Belgian Limburg), at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on 26-28 September 2018. The EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference registration package includes a welcome reception, full access to the Conference, a closing dinner and a social programme.
... and on the social programme:

in part:
3. 'Cycling through water'

You have never experienced the pond landscape of the Wijers like this before! Ride your bike right through a pond. You can see, feel, smell the water and even touch it ... without getting wet. Would you like to cycle through water and immerse yourself totally in unique landscape of the Wijers? Head straight for Bokrijk, between junctions 91 and 243. Yes, that’s right, you will only find this special experience in Cycling Paradise Limburg!

During this program you will be able to visit this extraordinary cycle path and experience what it is to ride through water. Along the route we pass several heritage sites and natural top spots. There is a possibility to use a Kingo, a top-end smart e-bike for tourism, developed in-house from concept to realization by Click&Bike in Hoeselt, Belgian Limburg.

Cycling route: ±33 km, flat
Bicycles will be provided free of charge.
Watt... "Kingo"?

Turn out, these folks:

Where they say stuff like:
We are convinced that the E-Bike is the most important vehicle of the future. As the SmartBike Factory we develop Smart Solutions for electric bicycles. It is our goal to create Smart Electric Bicycles for a wide variety of markets.
... and: KINGO - Your Digital Cycling Guide

... and (Giggle Translate):
KINGO is the comfortable, carefree way to explore a region with an electric bike. Without thinking about anything.

Seen on their FacePlant site:


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