A very interesting light ebike

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zro-1   1 kW

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A very interesting light ebike

Post by zro-1 » Jul 18 2018 9:05pm

With the sole exception of the very low EU-friendly power levels (and the price), I think this bike has every wish-list feature I could imagine


pinion BB gearbox
Gates carbon belt drive
disk brakes
internal battery
minimal, stealthy looks
very nice phone and smartwatch app

I'm so tempted to save up and get this then mod the controller for 500W+ instead of the wimpy 250W. Now I just need to get a hold of $5,400... :?

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Diarmuid   100 µW

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Re: A very interesting light ebike

Post by Diarmuid » Jul 18 2018 9:08pm

I really want one of these but yeah the motor is pretty weak.

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