Need NuVinci Invaritorc 638 Fluid please :)

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LI-ghtcycle   1.21 GW

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Need NuVinci Invaritorc 638 Fluid please :)

Post by LI-ghtcycle » Aug 13 2018 2:22pm

Hello all, my beloved NuVinci N171b has finally got to the point that it is in need of serious over-haul, unfortunately, Fallbrooke Tech no longer supports it too the point of not even allowing any of their Invaritorc 638 fluid to be sold, so I am on the look-out for that or anything anyone else has found as a suitable substitute Thanks!
Thank you Justin_Le for your selfless act of kindness! We all are in your debt.
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Re: Need NuVinci Invaritorc 638 Fluid please :)

Post by fechter » Aug 13 2018 2:35pm

Not knowing exactly what their fluid is I am only guessing, but I would try CVT transmission fluid. It is made to provide friction on the variator like the nuvinci.
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Re: Need NuVinci Invaritorc 638 Fluid please :)

Post by bogus105 » Nov 23 2019 7:00am

Any news regarding that bloody fluid? Have onyone found replacement or supply source?

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Re: Need NuVinci Invaritorc 638 Fluid please :)

Post by Balmorhea » Nov 24 2019 12:08pm

Enviolo bought all the cycling-related assets of Fallbrook. I thought this might mean the product line was gone for good, but recently I saw a bike with an Enviolo "NuVinci" hub. So they are making stuff.

Anyway, that's the company to talk to about it. I don't know anything else about them.
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