Full suspension semi recumbent for long range

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Re: Full suspension semi recumbent for long range

Post by neptronix » Nov 25 2018 1:30am

After looking over all the ones on the market, i've decided to make my own in the future. Something like a rans fusion but with rear suspension.

Time to make a frankenbike with a walmart bike rear end, lol
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Re: Full suspension semi recumbent for long range

Post by dogman dan » Nov 25 2018 7:43am

Yeah, AW, if you live in the sand like we do, you do have to pour motor oil through that freewheel pretty often to flush out the sand. It might be just oiling them at all that makes the old crusty one so much quieter.

At the flea yesterday, I saw a 20" mtb with a rear shock. I thought hmm, just what Id need to put a rear shock on my re bike.

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Re: Full suspension semi recumbent for long range

Post by hypertoric_amplituhedron » Nov 28 2018 7:14pm

I've had good luck with Phil Wood Tenacious lube on freewheels. Drop it on the inside diameter of the lockring by the smallest cog, right where the splines for the tool are. This side works better than the backside where the threads are. Put a good amount, then hold the back end and spin it around a bunch of times, while pointed upwards (small cog up). It should begin to get quieter as the lube wicks down into the internals. Phil Wood won't dry or gum up as far as I know, and it's fairly waterproof. Might leak out a bit if you applied a ton.
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Re: Full suspension semi recumbent for long range

Post by chvidgov.bc.ca » Nov 28 2018 8:10pm

I had a very similar Giant Revive DX conversion a while back, with a front 9C on it, and kept the rear end cassette and pedalling capability. You would loose your front disk brake probably if you did that. I replaced the stem with monkey bars. The twitchiness was substantially reduced with the motor mass on the front, and a rear battery that seems better balanced against the massy front motor than your configuration. It was a very nice comfortable ride, not the greatest for pedalling given the geometry, but very fun and unique ride.Widening the handlebar helps to reduce the twitch offering finer control of turning on the contact patch. The rear rack was a decent spot for the battery, with the hub motor on the front. So I think your bike is tail heavy, a bit twitchy, and no pedalling offered. This could be improved.

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