[AU] Need some advice/info picking between a mid-drive and hub.

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[AU] Need some advice/info picking between a mid-drive and hub.

Post by shiggydiggy » Oct 08 2018 3:42am

Hey fellas,
New to this forum, got pointed here by an ebike retailer.
As the subject says I'm in need of some help and I'm around Australia.

I used a 1000W 48V Front Hub conversion kit for my first ebike and I loved it, pre-owned but still ran like a champ.
But now it's my second bike I'm going for that has me running into problems, as I'm now going for a brand new kit to feel special because of the whole first owner feelings and I can finally pay a good amount for a kit.

The ebike retailer sells the BAFANG BBSHD 1000W Mid-drive kits, as well as 1000W hubs. I'm really tempted by the mid-drive, however I've been digging around for what feels like an eternity and found out all this information regarding not being able to use the throttle with 0 pedal assist. *Even things involving having no use of the throttle whilst you're not peddling. Even some saying you can't throttle and pedal. So many things that give me worries.
I've never used pedal assist, only ever a throttle, and I don't think I'd want to use a pedal assist. Happy just cycling as normal then using the throttle for any external speed I may need.

I've read up on hooking up a cable and using a program to edit the pedal assists to enable throttle when the pedal assist isn't being used (which sounds like a dream, but then there's the other worries I had*).

But I feel I need a bit of advice before making a decision.
Should I just go for a rear hub motor where there's no weirdness, plug it all in, use the throttle whenever I want, however I want? Or is the BBSHD Mid-Drive really something special that it's worth tinkering around with just to get only a functioning throttle with no pedal assist?

Hope this is all okay for posting, anything missing I'm happy to provide further information.
I want to finally make this decision!

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