Front basket. Handlebar vs frame attached.

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Front basket. Handlebar vs frame attached.

Post by georgefromvt » Oct 08 2018 7:20pm

Recently purchased front baskets for my Radcity and Elux Newport. I've been using panniers but wanted to redistribute weight. The Elux required handlebar attachment, Wald basket fit like a charm. Cost only 25 bucks and installed in less than 20 minutes. I bought the Yuba breadbasket for the Radcity. It's attached to the frame. Yuba cost 180 bucks and required bike tech and strong vise to bend to frame. Mistake on my end, thought Yuba basket would fit bike but vise squeezing required. Verdict; Yuba much more expensive but frame attached real plus. Even though Yuba basket weighs much more, handling minimally impacted. The Yuba bread basket doesn't rotate when you turn the front wheel, keeping your handling intact. The Wald basket is much lighter, but it feels like 50 lbs because it's attached to the handlebars. If you need a front basket, frame attached baskets impact handling less than handlebar attached. ... nt-basket/
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Re: Front basket. Handlebar vs frame attached.

Post by markz » Oct 08 2018 7:35pm

Go for the cheaper one, and find some steel/aluminum you can use to mount it to the frame like the Yuba.
It wouldn't be that hard.
Go middle of basket base, to the bottom of the steerer tube or to the black rear brake housing on the angled tube.

I wouldnt care what it looks like, but do you?

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