Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

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Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by Feelinelectric » Oct 09 2018 7:04pm

Hi everyone,
I started my ebike build by putting a bbshd on a felt cruiser. What i didnt realize was that the motor disengages from the cog in reverse pedal so i cant engage the coaster brake. The current hubs do not have disc mounts and the body doesnt either. The rear hub is a nexus 3 speed. The front has a triple tree so a regular clamo brake wont fit. I could do a rear clamp break but thats ugly, less effective, and i need to drill a hole.
Anyone have good ideas?
I have seen stermy-archers look good but i would have to relace the tires and im not sure what size hub id need. Thanks everyone in advance.

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Re: Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by amberwolf » Oct 09 2018 11:17pm

If your rims have braking surfaces, you can add rim brakes front and rear without drilling holes, by taking the arch with bosses off a junk fork and grind/sand/file them to fit your frame, and forks, and then use hose clamps/etc to secure them.

I did this on my CrazyBike2 and SB Cruiser because the fork is alloy, so I couldn't weld them to it. SBC actually has two sets, on in front of the fork and one in back, as it needs a lot of braking power.

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67833&hilit=brake+a ... 0#p1324787

Ther'es also booster arches you could use, with bolt-on bosses for them. Some info
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=91845&p=1339914&hil ... h#p1339914

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Re: Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by Chalo » Oct 09 2018 11:31pm

My suggestion is to get a U-brake plate adapter (often called a "990 adapter" after the Dia Compe 990 U-brake) and attach it as you would a caliper brake. You can even put it down on the chainstays if you don't like the look of it. Get a front type U-brake that uses direct pull, and you won't have to come up with a cable housing stop. If you place it so the plate gets pushed into the frame under braking forces, you won't have to deal with excessive flex in the adapter plate.


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Re: Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by Voltron » Oct 10 2018 8:12am

It's surprisingly dangerous to ride with just a front brake. One of my worst recent pavement slams was from test riding one of my bikes converted but had not got around to putting rear brake on yet. It wasn't noticeable in a straight line, but one turn when I had to stop a little quicker than planned, without the drag of even light braking at the back the rear end wanted to get out in front in a hurry.

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Re: Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by 2old » Oct 10 2018 11:14am

Pictures of Felt cruisers suggest that rim brakes are possible. "V" type brakes have been installed on similar frames using clamps that surround the frame and fork tubes and have a "stud" for installing the brakes, but don't know whether they're still available. Then you just need some type of cable stop (same principle in that it goes around a frame tube or the stem). Otherwise unless you have "studs" welded to the frame and fork the braking power will be far less than required for that bike IMO.

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Re: Requesting Brake suggestions for cruiser

Post by MadRhino » Oct 10 2018 3:12pm

The rear doesn’t require a lot of braking power, but the front does, and the heavier the bike, the better the front brake need to be.

Nexus hubs normally can fit a roller brake, that is probably your most simple and reliable option for the rear. The front has to be solved, and likely to be a bigger investment.
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