Cargo Bike, Mount battery under Front Box

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Cargo Bike, Mount battery under Front Box

Post by Xoc » Oct 14 2018 1:19pm

Just wondering if anyone has tried what Riese and Muller did with their Packster second battery option. Battery is mounted under box, protected a little bit by the box overhangs.

Anyone opinions?
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Re: Cargo Bike, Mount battery under Front Box

Post by MadRhino » Oct 14 2018 9:56pm

The place is ideal. I would have built a protection plate, but at least it has a full mud guard to keep the wheel from throwing gravel at the battery.
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Re: Cargo Bike, Mount battery under Front Box

Post by amberwolf » Oct 14 2018 10:10pm

Ther'eve been some built around the idea, like this:


There's some similar ones with Yuba and Xtracycle-type builds, that have rear-side decks, with batteries built into those.

The one thing you'd want to be sure of is that it is completely waterproof, immersible, because if you happen to be anywhere that gets rain and end up in a deep enough puddle/etc....

(This just happened last week to me on the SB Cruiser, and thankfully I had not moved the battery to under the deck yet).

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