Daily driver upgrades QS205 controller options

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Daily driver upgrades QS205 controller options

Post by Winstonk24 » Nov 05 2018 9:38pm

Spliced my phase wires so its finally time for an upgrade. I have some parts coming and most importantly iv received my QS205 h35 V1 6T. Specs are as followed

52v 26.6 30Q cells em3ev triangle battery
Cycle Analyst V3

QS 205 h35 V1 6T
700c alex DM24 Rim

I'll eventually want to venture into a larger 74v battery after I source a new full suspension frame. I cant figure out if the 20kW controller is worth the extra 50$.
I've decided on a power velocity controller 15kW with Bluetooth +dash board and a CA3 connection to future proof myself. Unless the 20kW is the better buy.

Or should i hold off altogether and get the 7kW as a year from now there might be a newer model controller to get.

What kind of speeds am i looking at with my current battery?

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