16" vs 18" Motorcycle Rims

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16" vs 18" Motorcycle Rims

Post by markz » Jan 05 2019 9:13pm

I've decided to go with the 18 x 1.85 rather then the 16 x 1.60 just for more speed around town, and get up and go compared to 26" bicycle.

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Figuring use the wire to lace through the nipple holes, and measure ERD for spoke calculation. Spokes were 10G so I am on the hunt. Can't do Holmes because of the shipping cost. But I may just go 12G with washers, hydraulic tubing flare tool.
https://www.electricbike.com/moped-rims ... hubmotors/

The Shinko SR241 is a nice tread, but I am looking for something not as tall if that is at all possible.
rims 16 and 18.jpg

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