Choice of a folder for e-bike conversion

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Choice of a folder for e-bike conversion

Post by dermot » May 20 2007 6:29am

I'm looking to get a second e-bike, but this time, a folder.

I'm plannig to either move my Heinzmann into it from my Trek when I get a Puma, or fit the Puma directly into it - depending on speed/wheel size &c issues.

Anyone have views/DOs/DONTs to offer? I'm in the UK, so only really interested in bikes available here.

I'm 6'5" and 280 pounds, which makes choosing a folder a bit more of a challenge...

Lowell   1 MW

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Post by Lowell » May 21 2007 3:39am

Dahon was going to be my first choice, but after checking their specs, it seems like all their bikes have a max rider weight of 230lbs. I don't know if Montagues are available in the UK, but these look pretty tough, and the way they hinge shouldn't compromise strength at all.

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