Advice for detailed parameters? Pretty plz

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Advice for detailed parameters? Pretty plz

Post by Matteo's Mobile Bicycle Repair » Jan 09 2019 1:22pm

Hey Everyone thanks for your time

I'm reading Micah Tolls book now,

But still feel unsure what's right for this situation. For my intention of e bike conversion for the following. Or are there strong simple install things like the Copenhagen wheel capable of doing the below needs??

Older stronger Aluminum Scott speedster road frame. (I also have a steel Brodie frame I could use, but I'd love to be able to use my aluminum frame if possible for these parameters?)

I use it always with approx 80lbs of bicycle tools for my mobile bike repair business.
Plus my 160lb self

I want a direct hubdrive and to only ever use pedal assist at a low gear mostly, so to keep my excercise going. more juice for brief moments of rushing or big hill.
My leg strength is such that I generally bike this rig around at 25km/h ish myself 30-60km a day. My hope is that I have a conversion kit that just adds a bit of speed to take my 25km/h norm to 35/40

I plan to ride 50-120 km a day with this rig with only night time charging.

It being old thick aluminum, but still aluminum, I'm wondering how strong of a motor I could go with axle brace.

Are there systems that could do this, that are pretty easily removable?

My big dream, would be to have a conversion kit, that on my aluminum bike, could be set to not go too strong so as to prevent damage to frame (if that's even a concern) and then be able to swap the kit to my steel bike on the very rare occasions I would like to be able to tow a heavy trailer and 300/400 lbs

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