40-50 mph 75 mile range

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Re: 40-50 mph 75 mile range

Post by dogman dan » Jan 15 2019 8:51am

FWIW, to go 80 miles range slow, on a big cargo bike meant carrying 2000 wh of battery. That battery alone would buy a small motorcycle, used Japanese, or new china type.

None of which he can ride now though. So a slower, lower range e bike is his current option. Affordably, he can do a bike with 20 mile range at 20 mph, or 10 miles at 30 mph. Cheap 48v 1000w dd front hub kit, and RC lipo cells. Initially just 10 ah of 48v or 500 watt hours., for about 10 mile range.

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Re: 40-50 mph 75 mile range

Post by evolutiongts » Jan 23 2019 1:45am

Go mid drive, it’s far more efficient and economical

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Re: 40-50 mph 75 mile range

Post by lionman » Jan 23 2019 4:42am

Evtom30 wrote:
Jan 09 2019 4:32pm
I work 2 miles away the little Walmart is 1.5 miles away and the clinic I have to go to is 5 miles away
You don't need a big bike for these distances.

Get a reasonable MTB frame, a 1000W kit and a ~1kWh 52v pack.

It will easily do 30mph and probably get you around 30 miles of range. It will take you about 5 mins to get to work and you probably need to charge it a couple of times a week or charge it everyday at work for free.

You want a decent donor bike as the weight and speed does put a lot of stress on the bike. Disc brakes and front suspension are a must in my opinion. If you go much faster than 30mph on a pushy they get pretty squirrely unless you have an expensive bike.

Go electric, they are awesome. Find a donor bike second hand with decent specs that will reliable and put a kit on it. They are a lot of fun and they get you around faster than you think.

$200 - decent used donor bike.
$200 - 1000W rear hub kit.
$400 - decent 52v battery.

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