LiitoKala 26650 50A 5000mah

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LiitoKala 26650 50A 5000mah

Post by minde28383 » Feb 11 2019 9:43am


Got pack with these cells LiitoKala 26650 50A 5000mah?
Share your experience about these cells.
Found no test with 10+ amp draw in internet.
Is it good choice in long term compared with popular known brand 18650 cells 25R, VTC5? Would you built second pack from them?
It did not passed years since most of you built packs from these but maybe your already did tens of cycles and have opinion about hem.
What's your battery config; controller amp settings. How much you draw battery amps from them? Do they get too warm, sagging with your config?
There is sale on them so it's time to get these if they are worth it.
If, How common is to receive faulty LiitoKala 26650. You bought 100-200, all ok?
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Re: LiitoKala 26650 50A 5000mah

Post by lionman » Feb 12 2019 12:49am

Here is a review.

My take on that is that they are OK up to 10A, 15A at a stretch. More than that they start to sag a lot more and capacity suffers dramatically.

If I was to build a pack with these I would treat them as 10A peak. SO I would go 5P if my controller was 40-50A peak power. This just makes sure performance remains acceptable.

Their performance in terms of sag looks similar on a curve to something like a 30Q up to 15A. I would be concerned of cell to cell consistency around IR mostly. LG/Samsung/Panasonic/Sanyo have very good reputations regarding QC and consistency. For this reason I would recommend going with one of these brands.

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