Review of the Magnum U Lock from Mountain Equipment COOP aka MEC

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Review of the Magnum U Lock from Mountain Equipment COOP aka MEC

Post by markz » Feb 11 2019 9:17pm

Mountain Equipment CO OP COOP CO-OP MEC M.E.C.
Magnum 3001 U-Lock ULock ulock uLock
Secure Lock Systems

Security Rating 9/10 in the "Ultimate Zone" compared to Basic (1-3) and High (4-6)

115mm x 230mm
14mm Shackle

X4 Quattro Bolt "The patented Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism provides unequaled strength by locking the cross bar to the shackle on four sides, maximising the pull resistance"

My Review:
Life span, 4 years! It might have been 3 years actually, I cant remember exactly.
The U lock lasted a year before the plastic housing broke off. No big deal.
The U lock holding mechanism lasted 1.5yrs maybe!
The U locks end cap lasted 3 years.
The U locks other end cap lasted 4 years.
Key mechanism worked great for 4 years.

I ride daily in Calgary, Alberta Canada, lately its been -25C with wind chills of -35C and yes I still ride! Summer, Spring and Fall.... yes I still ride every day! The key just started getting sticky, oil may help, I will update you on that. Afraid it will just break off, its an easy front wheel u lock to accompany my NYC Forgetaboutit lock that I bought on for $80C. The holding piece for the Magnum did not last a year.

For C$35 I would say if your riding casually, go for it and buy it. For more frequent riders and people who ride everyday, just buy the Amazon NYC lock for $80, it was straight from Amazon, returned item, no marks. I have seen them on sale at bicycle stores and online for around the same price, in cdn$. For ultimate in security, do not ride anything flashy. Make it look dingy asfuck!

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