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Moving conversion kit to new bike.. issues

Posted: Feb 16 2019 11:02pm
by goosenoose
I'm moving my leafmotor conversion kit (1500w, 20", PAS and ebrake only) to new bicycle. This is a journal of things that are in my way and how I'm getting through them.

Mostly, kit has been rock solid. Changing over to new bike because I am paranoid of the folding mechanism on other bike potentially failing @ 30mph. Also would like to have fenders/better brakes/enough spacing for hub to be easier to service.

So far, conversion going well except following: DIY for ebrake sensors and FML stuck bottom bracket on old folding bike.

See link for photos -

1. Bottom Bracket from Hell

Regarding bottom bracket... is this something that a bike shop could take care of for me? I don't care if they destroy the thing. I just want the PAS sensor off it so I can reuse it on my new bike. I also bought a new cartridge BB for the folding bike to replace that stuck one but can't get the old one off (lockring is chipped and cup is seized). Lots of expletives over the last couple of attempts.

1.1 Another options I'm considering is to just buy another PAS sensor. Are PAS sensor rings universal? The one I had has 8 magnets. The ones I find online have varying amounts of magnets on their rings.

2. Ebrake sensors

I bought some 'universal' bafang sensors. I also removed the reed switches from my old stock ebrake levers. Concern about compatibility issues: plugs different, controller accepts only single spliced connector from stock ebrakes; awkward mounting if putting reed switches on hydraulic lever, etc..

2.1 Cleanest option - solder bafang sensor cable to old controller plugs (unknown if it'll work.. has anyone done this?)
2.2 Less clean option - jbweld and creativity with reed switches on new levers
2.3 The devil you know - buy nicer/black ebrakes and switch to mechanical disc brakes

Other to do...

3. Resolder controller battery harness

Found some corrosion on wire. Turns out it corroded to point of it breaking off. Need to get new bullet connector installed. Bought solder kit to accomplish. Should be easy enough.

4. New mounting system for controller/battery.

Big 20ah 52v rectangle battery box from em3ev. Wonky controller box. Idea is railing on underside of top rack. Bolt controller there horizontally with cables facing forward. Other possible position is under middle section. On top of middle section, need to create platform + velcro + harness for battery.

Re: Moving conversion kit to new bike.. issues

Posted: Feb 17 2019 12:22am
by ScooterMan101
You can buy a split ring PAS Sensor, However the shipping costs are very expensive, try to find one that is sold here in the U.S. ... emble-left


Bike shops have experience with cutting off old and rusted together BB Parts. It is allot of work so it might not be a low cost option.

Re: Moving conversion kit to new bike.. issues

Posted: Feb 17 2019 8:09am
by goosenoose
Thanks for tip. Found similar part on amazon. Fingers crossed!

Took it for a ride with dogs sans power other day. Rides smooth for a bicycle at least! (I do need to tweak derailleur though zzz).