battery and frame DIY

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battery and frame DIY

Post by barbe » Feb 18 2019 7:50am

Is it possible or easy to attach a 36V battery to the bottle holder taking into account that the frame tube is round or circular? Will the battery and its support hold in place with just 2 screws? I doubt it a lot, but you can still convince me ...

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Re: battery and frame DIY

Post by vagosofron » Feb 18 2019 10:45am

I attached my 36v battery on my steel frame, with 3 holes. 2 were already predrilled ( not bottle holder holes) and i drilled one more fore safety reasons. No problems so far.

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Re: battery and frame DIY

Post by markz » Feb 18 2019 3:36pm

I dont know about bottle holder mounting holes, but people use zip ties but they tend to break from UV, and cold weather. Hose clamps can be used in various manners from drilling a hole in them and placing a flush bolt, to holding down a custom deal. I use a lot of duct tape. I have tried it all for a huge pack, 10S8P or 10P I forget what it is now.

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