Self-Charging E-Bike/Spin Bike

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Solar DH   100 µW

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Self-Charging E-Bike/Spin Bike

Post by Solar DH » Feb 22 2019 4:28am

I've been building self-charging mountain ebikes for years. It's been a great way to stay cycling fit and generate power to charge batteries from 12-50v. I charge all my bikes with human power this way year round. Extra energy goes to a micro solar bank for my LED shop lights. Sorry for the shaky camera, trying to pedal and record the power meters.

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dogman dan   100 GW

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Re: Self-Charging E-Bike/Spin Bike

Post by dogman dan » Feb 22 2019 7:56am

Well, you got extra energy for sure. This approach works well in really remote places. Keep your lights working in the middle of nowhere. But a fairly small solar panel can do the same, just charging a 12v led light pack, or the phone.

But no way that solar panel lets you eat well, and stay slim. 8)

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