Looking for Tigershark craddle connectors

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Looking for Tigershark craddle connectors

Post by Waxx44 » Apr 21 2019 2:58am

Hi, i have a TigerShark battery case (Reention DS-6c),


after a short cut, the male power connector has melted, so i'm looking for a new connector.
But i don't know the name/type of this connector.

I already emailed Reention for it but they don't answer.
I asked to the seller from i bought the case, but he doesn't know and he doesn't sell only the connector.

Do you know the name of this connector ?

I have gx16 gx20 connectors, but it's not the same and can't take place in the craddle.

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Re: Looking for Tigershark craddle connectors

Post by ecat » Jul 08 2019 5:01pm

https://hilleater.ca/reention-battery-o ... r-e-bikes/

Replacing this connector is not trivial, on some batteries there is no off switch for the battery, the output leads are live at all times so extreme care must be taken when replacing the connector. Also soldering must be done by an expert, as it is easy to damage the new connector with too much heat, and a less than professional soldering job could lead to wires coming loose, and a short circuit in the battery.

You have been warned!
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