Advance timing Seires Wound Motor Brushes.

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Advance timing Seires Wound Motor Brushes.

Post by Pota » Nov 09 2018 4:02am

Can someone tell me how i can find out how much my forklift motor brushes is timed?

Some say im loosing alot of torque due to advanced brushes. 30% advancement decrease my torque with as much as 80%.

Here are a Picture of my brushes, can someone just by looking at them see the degree of timing?

How do i advance them? i have 8 brushes.
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Re: Advance timing Seires Wound Motor Brushes.

Post by amberwolf » Nov 09 2018 10:52am

No way to tell by looking at an uninstalled brush. Brushes by themselves have no advance or retard. Only the holder assembly does that, moving them all at the same time.

You'd have to look at the mounting ring or plate that secures the brushholders--if it has slots for the screws that hold it to the motor case, then those screwss would all be loosened, the plate rotated where you want it, then tightened.

Most likley neutral timing is in the center of the slot, but how much advance or retard you can do, or where the neutral is, is dependent on the motor design.

Some don't have any adjustment at all, because they are designed for a specific purpose that requires whatever amount of advance/retard they are designed with.

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Re: Advance timing Seires Wound Motor Brushes.

Post by fechter » Nov 09 2018 1:51pm

Right, if the timing is adjustable, it will be by rotating the brush holder assembly with respect to the housing.

If you loosen the adjuster bolts slightly and run the motor with no load and adjust the timing to get the minimum current, it will be pretty close to neutral timing.
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