PAS using VESC

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PAS using VESC

Post by evbkezzz » Aug 02 2019 2:05am

I am trying to build a PAS on my ebike which uses a VESC controller. I stumbled upon two great projects by

viewtopic.php?f=28&t=84042&p=1231237#p1231237 ... ler.11188/

Both of them seem to fit my needs but unfortunately I don't understand German. The first project is a fork of the second and works on a Teensy controller and uses a color display.

I feel teensy is a bit expensive. Can I use it on a ESP32? If not, how do I modify it to work on a ESP32 or similar mcu.

The post states the battery capacity,voltage, speed,etc are taken from VESC, does the VESC read battery capacity, voltage, etc?



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